i wouldn’t have been a strong person had it not been for the love of my grandfather who i fondly called “Daddy”. Growing up my biological father had never had any time for us nor have showered us anything that is close to affection. Daddy did. He was one of those happy people who is easy to love.

My favorite memory of him was our afternoon habit seating in the rocking chair in their front lawn (my grandparents live in front of our house) , eating warm pándesal(bread roll), making up stories to make us laugh, farting like crazy, giggling at his wild antics, playing and running around.His favorite antic was singing and some made up dance moves that will shame Michael Jackson :P

There’s one afternoon that stuck with me, he was already in his early 80’s then, i was about to start my first work to help support my family, he was a little quiet lately, he looked at me and told me some stuff like: to always take care of my family (i was the breadwinner) be patient, and always have faith, he then lent me some money for my transportation and food, i actually said no because it was for his meds and i was going to borrow from a friend but he said that i should take it, which i did. Several months later, he passed away.

It broke my heart:( so many things remind me of him, i didnt realize i also remind my mom of him, i was told i got his cheekiness, charm and creativity. i miss him, its been 8 years and yet i can still hear his laugh, see the twinkle in his eye when he is about to fart and blame it on the dog :P and ill miss most of all is the comfort of his hugs.

This is i hope is within the challenge of the Daily Post. Because there is no other character (well beside my mom) who have such a strong influence on me :) i love you daddy:) ill always be your little girl :)



i dont know why they call it heartbroken when i feel as the whole of me is also broken :(

My beloved hamster of a year and few months had passed away yesterday, he was very much loved. When my sister broke the news to me my sister i told her no it was impossible, i kissed him goodbye before i went to work. But it was inevitable, since hamsters has 2-3 years life span. i always get scared when they pass that one year mark. i can notice they get tired easily, their furs getting longer. but despite it all i still love them. All pet owners surely will agree on me on this but when you lose a pet it feels as though a part of you get broken as well.

I cant help but admit there are time as a pet owner, i do have my closest-pet, that bond that you cannot describe with your pet. I had that bond again with Ishin ( my recently deceased hamster). I had a major operation last March and Ishin, all though small, helped eased my pain.

I know he is now in hamster heaven. He will be missed.


If you know what that word means, you must have recently watched or re-watched Love Happens :) After watching the movies i got into thinking who uses words that are rarely used? What if instead of saying the most commonly phrase “I love you” there’s a pleonastic expression that can replace it? hmmm.. ( by the way, pleonastic means wordy in short:p just wanna impress you or not.. hahaha )

So i randomly searched the dictionary and here are some words that im going to try to use for the rest of the week:p

Pecuniary – Of or relating to money
Plenipotentiary – Invested with or conferring full powers
Fugacious – Passing away quickly
Prodigality – Extravagant wastefulness.
Inimical – Unfriendly; hostile:

Got their definition from :)

Still trying to find a deeper and extravagant way to say i love you :)

Do share me how you used words that are rarely used :) and if you come up with ideas how to say ‘i love you’ uniquely :)




Time is of the essence or is it?

Is there a right time?

Check your watch. Check your clock at home.

If you’re like me, its probably different from each other. The thing is, i cannot figure out why i cant function on right time. One morning as i was running late, i noticed that the clock in our house and my watch has the same time and it was on time ( i checked in my pc). And that really freaked me out. I mean, I cant adjust to the right time, i mean i could just change it right back to my time which is usually 20 minutes advance from our office’s clock but i don’t know why i didn’t. For that two weeks i was always late. :-(

Well, i don’t know if its a bad thing or a good thing that i’ve been fooling myself for the longest time, that the time i have isn’t right and that i know of it and i functions well but whatever i guess i’ll just stick to my advance time :p I may not be able to turn back time but i can and most definitely with my watch :p hahaha..

Share me your timely stories :)

Stop! you’re chasing the wrong car.

This is going to be embarrassing but it had to be said, so that others may not suffer the same fate as i did. Seriously though this is my sisters favorite embarrassing story to tell and its not even theirs T_T

So lets me start with the story:
One morning in a kingdom far far away..ahem in my humble abode, i was in a hurry as my father who decided to be a parent, actually stopped by this early morning to bring us to our school ( my parents are separated and my dad stops by every now and then when he feels like it). My two sisters were already finished and went to wait inside the car while i scramble around the house looking for my school ID.
Then suddenly i heard a car engine rumbling and a car backing up then my mother shouted: ” Hurry up J your dad is about to leave!” so i hurriedly run out my house and saw my dad’s car zooming past our street, i began to yell, ran and wave my hands at the same time. i felt like i was at the olympics because i was really running fast but of course a car is faster than me, so i stopped, out of breathe, when i noticed a car waiting idly at the side a window was rolled down and my sister were laughing madly.

So what happened? i chased the. wrong. elfin’. car!

Here’s a more detailed part so that you’d get the picture of how i chased the wrong car:

Here’s a diagram(sorry for my ugly painting of a map) of my humiliating experience, that’s me, the star, going out of my house, that’s my neighbor’s car zooming past our street which i thought was my dad’s car (they have the same color and it was a van type of car). My dad decided to wait near our village’s main gate because it turned out, he can’t park in front of our house because our neighbor next door had to go out too (tiny street i live in mind you). So imagine yourself, waving madly at this car yelling and running like there’s no tomorrow, wouldn’t that be quite humiliating?!

Humiliation Count:
The other people (who happens to be my neighbors) taking their morning walk. What was their reaction when they saw me running? and yes i saw them looking at me, i felt their stares while i was running madly!

The people inside the other car.  Seriously i can’t help but wonder what was the driver thinking when he saw me (at his rearview mirror i suspect) chasing his car. He must be thinking, somewhere along the lines: “Who is this mad woman waving and running after me?!”. I think he saw me cause he drove faster :-p

The guard. The guy who protects our village, who i smile and greet every morning. T_T

Anyway, when i went inside my dad’s car, my two very nice sisters were laughing their a$$ off. They said my dad actually saw me turning the corner from our house running after our neighbors car, ( why he didn’t yell and stop me i would never know T_T).

So that’s it. That’s just one of the many embarrassing stories i have in store for you. yes one because i happen to be the princess of humiliation T_T. If you can please share any embarrassing story that would comfort me for the remainder of my life, please do tell me and share your story. I’d love to hear from you :)