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I hope this cute smile will make up for not being able to put up episode 19 and 20 recap huhuhu:(

Somebody asked me if im still going to recap Episode 19 and Episode 20 of Angel Eyes..

Yes i will :) Sorry for the super long delay, work had suddenly multiplied this week :( Im halfway episode 19 so im hoping to wrap it up this weekend :)

to compensate here’s a GIF of a fraustraed Lee Sang Yoon during the angel eyes guesting in running man.. i feel you man:p im frustrated as well hehe:P



Angel Eyes Episode 18 Recap

What do you do when the person you love got lost inside their head? how do lead her back? how do you make her see the beauty of acceptance? Anyway, I was hoping to move on from the flashbacks but we get a lot more from this episode. i want more happy sweet and cute moments for our leads but i guess it was too much to ask.

Angel Eyes Ep 18 Recap

We continue from where our episode ended last night. When Dong-Joo hears that Soo-Wan is planning not to let anyone get close to her again, he drags her back inside the car and drove to her old house. He tells her that this is the place where he first saw her, how he loved the way she talks about the stars and that he realized what the heart was for when she hugged him. He told her that when he first brought her home, Jung Hwa and Hye Joo liked Soo-Wan very much that all they did was talk about her.

Dong-Joo: From the moment I met you, I was lucky. You were a blessing. To my family, you were happiness. That’s the truth that won’t change no matter how much you insist.

But Soo-Wan refuses to believe and told him that she used to think that she brings happiness to other people too but instead she actually brings destruction, that this is how it should have been in the first place(being blind). Dong-Joo wants Soo-Wan to take back what she just said and told her to understand that Jung Hwa gave her eyes to Soo-Wan with all her heart and asked her how she could do this?

Meanwhile at Woon-Chan’s home, he talks to Ellie and told her that he cannot accept the gift she made for him. Woon-Chan told Ellie that although he is grateful for her feelings, he cannot receive it because he only sees her as a daughter or a little sister. Ellie of course tried to reason out and told him that she wont be giving up that easily. But Woon-Chan told her that he can guarantee that it will never happen he asks her to leave and then he walks out. Teddy overhears all of this and wonders what to do or how to help.

At a bar, Dong-Joo joins Ji-Woon who is drinking by himself. Dong-Joo started talking about the past and how much he hated the word “IF”. He said that No matter how hard you think, there are things you can’t return or change. But recently all he did was think of what if’s:

Dong-Joo: If I hadn’t gotten wet in the rain that day.. If my mom hadn’t gotten into an accident that day… If I had been able to save the Director… Would Soo Wan understand despite all those ‘ifs’?

Ji-Woon tried to console him that Soo-Wan probably knows, but Dong-Joo interjected that Soo-Wan kept blaming herself. Ji-Woon asked how is it her fault and Dong-Joo said “Exactly.”

At his house, after washing his face, Ji-Woon looks at his reflection and had flashbacks of the confession of his mom and the director dying. He punched the mirror and angrily said that it was all his fault.

The next morning at the fire station, Teddy was handing out drinks but didnt give one to Woon-Chan, when Teddy went out everyone asked Woon-Chan if they had a fight hehe. At the locker room, Teddy talks to himself about how can Woon-Chan reject someone like Ellie. Then he punched Woon-Chan’s locker and shakes his hand in pain. (hehe.. noticed the trend here of punching stuff?)

After they shift when Teddy and Woon-Chan is going out of the building, they noticed Ellie is standing outside. So Woon-Chan and Ellie talked in the garden then she kissed him on the cheek. Woon-Chan’s face reddens and Ellie noticed it and points it out and asked him to tell her that Woon-Chan really doesnt feel anything towards her. So Woon-Chan told her and a lot of means things to make her hate him, he even told her to call her a bastard. Ellie told him that she is just saying she likes him, she’s not asking to marry him or what-nots but Woon-Chan doesnt agree with this because liking can lead to another and Ellie called him a coward and he agrees that he is one and asked her to behave or she will not watch after Jinmoo again, then he walked out and left Ellie crying.

Since Teddy witnessed this, he bought her some ice cream to console Ellie and told her that a grandma said that ice cream will cheer up sad people. She opened up to Teddy that he must have overheard that. He did. She said that she just got rejected but Teddy comforted her, that she is not lacking in anything but that “Ahjussi” is not in his right mind. HAHAHA. Go Teddy. Ellie seems happy and even asked him if she could meet the grandma that gave him that advice :)

At the doctors office, Dong-Joo tells the doctor that Soo-Wan refuses his help and instead adjust to her blindness. As the doctor advices him, we see that he follows it through a series of moments: “Dont help her if she wants to do things on her own” so he lets her wash the dishes by herself, “as she tries to do daily activities and exposes herself outside for fresh air, let her” we see that they did the laundry oustide and Dong-Joo just hanged other clothes while Soo-Wan handled another.

Evil police Chief is at Dr.Oh Young-Ji’s office telling her that they have been caught talking by Detective Woo Chul and seems to have other evidences as well, so he will be taking care of it for good this time around. Dr.Oh Young-Ji tells him that Ji-Woon is insisting to confess and evil police chief told her to handle her son because if Ji-Woon talks to Min-Soo then all hell will break loose. Ji-Woon walked in on them talking and evil police chief left.

Ji-Woon asked his mother what they are planning to do and to stop hurting other people. His mother told him that if he stay still then nobody will get hurt.

Morning at Soo-Wan’s house, Hye-Joo came to visit and was all tears upon seeing her blind Unni. She asked Soo-Wan to stop being hurt and handed her a ball of purple thread and said that she will knit a sweater for Soo-Wan and that when she finished, Soo-Wan has to promise that she will come back to her old self and made a pinky promise.

A conflicted Min-Soo makes a phone call to Ji-Woon and recorded his voice for comparison and the voice analysis expert said that its a 96% match. Although that proved the caller of the 119 call, they couldnt determine who the driver is.

Detective Woo Chul was walking home when evil chief called him to meet up. The next morning, he knows that he will be betrayed and as he was crossing the street to go to the meeting place a big truck was about to hit him when Min-Soo rammed the truck with her car saving Detective Woo Chul. They hurriedly ran after the driver who was getting away and thankfully caught him:)

Evil police chief called Dr.Oh Young-Ji warning her about the situation and that they should get ready because he will not be the only one who will go down, when suddenly the doors to his office opened, the cops cuffs him and Min-Soo and Detective Woo Chul tells him he is getting arrested for attempted murder and for tampering with evidence. Finally YEY! (we also hear them call him by his name: Kim Young Nak but i like evil police chief better:P)

Dr.Oh Young-Ji hears all this and panics and packs up her clother to leave when Ji-Woon walked in, she tells her son to pack up and go to Melbourne Hospital. Ji-Woon asked why and his mom just shouted at her to do what she says, so he just agrees and helped her packed to calm her down and drove away. He then calls Min-Soo.

At the police station, we see that Dong-Joo is being lead to a back room where he can see Ji-Woon and Min-Soon talking at the next room. Ji-Woon started confessing that he was the one who was driving the car that hit Jung Hwa, because he was so scared he ran away and left her. He also admits to injecting poison/toxin to kill her, so that he leave any evidences that will trace back to him.

As Ji-Woon goes out of the room, Dong-Joo blocks him and tells him that it doesnt make any sense but Ji-Woon just apologized. Min-Soo pulls him to walk away but dr.kang suddenly arrives and stops her from charging Ji-Woon by confessing that it was her who killed Jung Hwa and to ask evil police chief about it.

The next scene shows us all of them are at a separate rooms and the police are all getting their statments. The next morning when Ji-Woon walks out of the station, Min-Soo approached him. He tells her that receiving punishment also doesn’t happen the way he want it to and that he will probably regret it for the rest of his life.

Min-Soo meets up with Dong-Joo and explained to him that it was confirmed that Dr.Young-Ji, Ji-Woon’s mom did it out of fear that Jung Hwa will wake up and get Ji-Woon in trouble.

Dong-Joo goes to the prison and visited Dr.Young-Ji and talked to her:

Dong-Joo: As a doctor and a parent, how could you commit such an unthinkable act and live as if nothing had happened? I thought that the Director had killed her even the director had thought that and passed away with that knowledge.

Dr.Oh Young-Ji: What’s the difference between Director Yoon and me? For his child, he would’ve killed someone as well. If I return to that moment, whether I would make a different choice. A parent’s heart, a mother’s heart is like that. If Mr. Park Dong Joo’s mother were in my shoes, she would understand.

Dong-Joo completely disagrees with her and told her that his mother didn’t taught them that way. Thinking of his mother gives him strength, his mother’s love is like a lamplight, that helped him endure life no matter how hard it got. He asked her what was her love like to Ji-Woon? Will Dr. Kang Ji-Woon be thankful and happy with the love she gave him? As he rises to leave he parts with the words:

Dong-Joo: My mom, my sister and me, Soo Wan, including the Director, you will have to be sorry to all of us. However, the person you have to be sorriest to seems to be Dr. Kang Ji Woon.

Back at the house, Dong-Joo tells Soo-Wan that he is ready to forgive the director now. But Soo-Wan answered back that she bets her dad doesn’t want his forgiveness and that a wrongdoing is a wrongdoing. Then she walks out and went to her room.

Soo-Wan has a flashback to the time that she told her father that she will never forgive him, she cries while uttering the words:”Im sorry Dad, Im very sorry.”

The next scene shows us Dong-Joo seeing his picture inside the directors wallet and cried and realizes what he means to the director. He longingly calls him father as the tears flows. (and also a flashback of all the time they bonded)

The next morning at a cafe, Ji-Woon deeply apologizes for everything, Donjoo admits being in shocked and infuriated that the driver was him. Ji-Woon understands him and asks him if he can please take care of the hospital because someone like him shouldn’t be in charge of it. As they walked out of the cafe, Ji-Woon tells Dong-Joo that he will probably live with the guilt for the rest of his life and that he wont worry about Soo-Wan because he knows Dong-Joo is beside her.

Dong-Joo comes home and went to the director’s office, he discovered the letter that dad left for Soo-Wan.

The next scene shows us that Dong-Joo is driving with Soo-Wan to somewhere. Donjoo says that this time around they are going to find Yoon Soo Wan.

Turns out they went back to the place where they kissed and you know(*wink, wink*). As they were walking

When they arrived at the house, Dong-Joo reads the letter to Soo-Wan that dad left for her.

Dad: Soo-Wan-ah, My daughter, the happiest day of my life, was the day I met you. The day I touched your moving hands, I began to live a new life from Human Yoon Jae Beom, to Dad Yoon Jae Beom. Soo Wan, responsibilities always follow a decision. Whoever makes a decision at that moment that exactly shows what kind of person they are. My wrong decision, which made me painfully self-reflect on who Yoon Jae Beom the person was, was when I saw Dong Joo’s mother, Yoo Jung Hwa’s decision. Because he is a son of that kind of person Dong Joo would be that kind of child as well. Dong Joo.. I don’t know if you will believe me, but I met Dong Joo and began to love him. When that boy called me “Dad” the last twelve years… I felt not only pain, but happiness. For making things difficult for you two, I’m very sorry. Soo Wan, my beautiful daughter, I know it’s Dad’s final greedy wish. But still I hope that you are happy with Dong Joo. As for asking Dong Joo’s mother for forgiveness, I will do it.

After reading it Dong-Joo said that he will kiss her know, which he did, but Soo-Wan didnt respond back making Dong-Joo mad. So he asked her to please come back if she really doesnt want to see him? He said that he feels like he is dying because “i want to look at our eyes, kiss you and touch you.”

As they were sleeping, (Dong-Joo at the sofa), Soo-Wan dreamt of her father. (a kind of please-move-on-im-happy-now dream). In her dream we see a younger Soo-Wan running to her father, and he was so happy carrying her. Soo-Wan woke up crying. When she opened her eyes, she can see again! She went downstairs to Dong-Joo and caressed his face.

The next morning when Dong-Joo woke up he found a letter addressed to him, we see him hurriedly went to Soo-Wan’s room but didn’t found her there. He ran all over the place shouting Soo-Wan’s name.

WHAT? seriously they end it there? cant they give us a happy one with two episodes left?? T_T

Angel Eyes Episode 17 Recap

We have 4 more episodes left, I think, and the drama is tying up loose ends as they wrap up. Ready your tissues again goes this episode is another tearjerker :(

Angel Eyes Ep 17 Recap

As Dong-Joo stood outside the room, he heard a loud bang from inside the room and rushed inside to find dad lying on the floor. He was about to carry him when dad stopped him and pointed at a cabinet, Dong-Joo looked at him questionably but dad kept pointing at the cabinet, so Dong-Joo opened it and found the recorder that he and Soo-Wan usually use to exchange ‘notes’. Dad signals for him to hide it in his pocket then he took a breath and uttered the word ‘Soo-Wan’. But in his thoughts we can hear him say”Dong-Joo please take care of Soo-Wan”. Then his heart stopped.

Dong-Joo called for help and tried to do chest compression to revive him until Ji-Woon and the nurses came with the medical equipment’s and tried to resuscitate him back but to no avail. Ji-Woon even stops Dong-Joo who doesn’t want to give up until Soo-Wan came. She knelt beside her father and touched his face and cried for him to wake up.

Ji-Woon ran to his mother to break the news that the director passed away and that they just killed another person.

At the director’s wake, while the fire station guys was doing the customary bow at her, Soo-Wan had a flashback on her first day as a rescue worker and promised her dad that this is how she repays all the people that helped her through and promises to be careful, The fire station guys was eating, when they overheard a conversation about the fact that the only daughter of the director hasn’t cried yet. The Chief, who is very protective of his staff, told them that sometimes the pain is too much the tears wont flow. Woon-Chan shared his story when he went trough the death of his wife.

Back at the hospital, Ji-Woon had a flashback as well, when he asked the director why he gave in too soon to giving his blessing to Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo. The director consoled him then, telling him that he is a good person and that the pain will soon fade away but that there are some things that one cannot forget though. Talking to himself, Ji-Woon said he is not a good person.

Dr.Young-Ji was at the wake, we hear her thoughts that since the director failed, she promised that she wont, she will protect it till the end.

She goes to her son’s home and Ji-Woon told her that the director must have died from the guilt of killing someone but that in truth it might not be it. That he also was having a hard time even though he saw that the patient was feeling better. Dr.Young-Ji replied back that the reason she did it was because he might not be able to handle it, he could have not pursued to be a doctor. That she will never regret her choices. Ji woon, who is wrecked with guilt, tells her that he will tell Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo the truth of what they have done because he will go crazy in this bar-less prison. Crying, his mom told him that she will die if he does because there were a lot of things she did for him.

Min-Soo is trying to comfort Soo-Wan by telling her that she should cry or she might get sick, but Soo-Wan just thinks of the things that needs to be taken care after her dad’s death. Min-Soo takes a breather outside and saw Dong-Joo seating by himself.

Inside, Soo-Wan tells a picture of his father how he could leave her but that he must be happy now that he is with her mother.

At his house, Dong-Joo listens to the recording:

Soo-Wan: Dong Joo. What I said to you were all lies. I wouldn’t be able to live without you. I wouldn’t be able to breathe. It would be terrible, I don’t want to send you away. Since it’s fine just watching you from behind, I want to be by your side for the rest of my life. Dong Joo, you hate me, You’re going to hate me, right? You can’t hate me, I really don’t like it when you hate me. After sending you away, what will I do if I want to see you so badly? Dong-Joo-ya, Dong-Joo-ya…

At the cemetery, Soo-Wan stands up in front of his father’s tombstone, she had a flashback to the moment when she told his father that she wont ever forgive him, then remembers all the good that dad did to her. Then she fainted, Dong-Joo rushed to her.

At the hospital, they said that she must have collapsed from the fatigued but when she woke up, she asked why it was dark? We see that she goes through a lot of test to figure out why she cant suddenly see.

The doctor explained to Dong-Joo that Soo-Wan must be suffering from a psychological trauma where the guilt denies her from being able to see.

A worried Min-Soo, asks her if she’s playing around, distraught that her friend is not able to see again, Dong-Joo asks her to calm down as she cries and shouts at Soo-Wan to look at her, he had to drag her outside and explained about Soo-Wan’s situation.

Dr.Young-Ji was standing outside Soo-Wan’s room when Ji-Woon saw her, they went to her office and talked. Ji-Woon asked her, the wrongdoing that they did, why is it that Soo-Wan is the one who is suffering from it? mother replied that she didnt wish of that to happen, she might have committed a lot of wrong things but bad things happened because Soo-Wan and the director also made mistakes themselves. She told Ji-Woon that if he thinks telling Soo-Wan the truth is good thing, think if there are other good choices rather than sending his mother to jail. Then she walks away leaving Ji-Woon to the flashback where his mother admitted that it was her who killed Jung Hwa, by injecting poison.

The next morning, Hyejoo is happily packing up a gift when she saw Dong-Joo packing up, he explained that he has to take care of Soo-Wan so he needs to stay with her for a while.

When Dong-Joo brought Soo-Wan home from the hospital, he guides her to her room where she looked for her walking stick to guide her. Dong-Joo said she never used it back then and teased her that she doesnt need it for that long Soo-Wan just asked him to leave but Dong-Joo said that he will never leave her again even if she asked her too, he will stay by her side forever.

Ellie was sad and Jinmoo noticed it while she was babysitting him, when teddy and Woon-Chan came hime, they decide to have picnic at the park:) While playing Frisbee, hyejoo was about to catch it when teddy saw that she as about to get hit by a bike so he rescued her and pretended to faint. So Woon-Chan decided to throw a little bit of water on him who pretended to wake up asking if its raining :P

while he went away to clean his face, ellie gave Woon-Chan the gift and confessed that she likes him. Teddy hears this and gets sad :(

That night, Teddy calls the grandma he got close to, and asks for advice again and told her that whatever choice she makes, he is happy as long as Ellie is happy. Woon-Chan overhears this and went to his room to look at her wife’s picture and reminisce.

At a cafe, the next morning, Dong-Joo was meeting two lawyers who told him that the director left the hospital to his care and also handed him a letter. He read the letter outside.

Dad: Dong Joo, I don’t know if I have the right to call you my son. I should not be able to do that. I should not give you any excuse or apology. Don’t try to understand, or forgive, me. Don’t cry any tears for me. But please, protect Soo Wan. Dong Joo, who knows how to love with more strength and wisdom than me, protect my poor daughter, Soo Wan, whom this unfit father failed to protect. Please don’t let your heart waver. For me, the times when we fished together were a valuable piece of happiness. Thank you.

Dong-Joo went to his tombstone brought dad’s favorite beer and told him how he can leave him with such difficult tasks? that if he is truly sorry, teach him how to deal with Soo-Wan.

Detective Woo-Chul was packing ready to leave the hospital and Min-Soo said she will drop him off at his house but woochchul wants to stops by the police station. He confronts Evil Chief that he witnessed his secret affair, Woo-Chul showed him a picture of him and Dr.Young-Ji talking. Evil Police Chief told him that they he was just passing message from the prosecutor. Woo-Chul doesn’t believe this of course and just told him that if listened to the evil chief about the job he offered he wouldn’t have gotten into an “accident” and leaves the Evil Chief furious.

Dong-Joo asked Soo-Wan if she want him to read for her but she walks away and seats away from him. He approaches her and tries to comfort her by placing his hand over hers but she moved it away but he still covered her hands with his..

Min-Soo and Woo-Chul meets up and she tells him that she is listening to the 119 call so that they could approach whoever called it in, but Woo-Chul said that he prepared a bait(he is the bait), a sting operation, so she’d better be ready when he called her. He leaves and Min-Soo listens to the recording again, she plays it and immediately recognizes Ji-Woon’s voice.

Soo-Wan is at the doctors office receiving treatment where the doctor is trying to comfort her with words. Afterwards she asked Dong-Joo to take her somewhere. And this somewhere is a place where you get guide dogs for the blind.

After training, as they were driving home, Dong-Joo stops the car and asked her why she has to get this far, when she suddenly unbuckles her seatbelt and went out of the car. Dong-Joo rushed to her and stops her from getting into an accident and asks why does she want to die? She tells him that she will send him away because everyone around her becomes miserable, so from now on she will not let anyone near her.

And that wraps up episode 17 of Angel Eyes.

I had a feeling that the director was going to die sigh.. i really like the silence in this episode it defines the sorrow of losing a person. The poignancy that Soo-Wan went “blind” because she felt the darkness is somewhere she has to retreat to, To hide and to keep people away from her, it is sad and at the same time you know and understand what she feels. I wonder what will be in tonight’s episode. can it get more sadder than this?

Angel Eyes Episode 16 Recap

If you cried at yesterday’s episode, be warned because you’ll be bawling your eyes out for this one. Sometimes its actually okay to let it all out, so lets start crying shall we?:P

Angel Eyes Ep 16 Recap

I dont want to! That’s what Dong-Joo tells Soo-Wan when she asked him to disappear from her life. We continue that heartbreaking scene where Soo-Wan handed out the ring to Dong-Joo’s hands. and Dong-Joo is near tears trying to stop her but Soo-Wan lets go and walked away from him.

Min-soo meets up with Soo-Wan at a cafe. A Concerned Min-soo, asked how Soo-Wan is and if she was able to see her dad and Dong-Joo and continued saying:
Min-soo: i heard about Dong-Joo’s being the donor. I know you might feel that it’s a different level than just gratitude. But think of it as a gift, a gift that your mother who passed away sent you.

Soo-Wan tells Min-soo that she broke up with Dong-Joo so Min-soo tries to console her telling her that she might be in pain but she and Dong-Joo loves each other. But Soo-Wan just said that she doesn’t have the right such a gift. Then she tells Min-soo that she is in so much pain, she hurts so much she feels like dying and asked her what should she do?

Meanwhile at the hospital, a sobbing Dong-Joo is talking to the unconscious director:

Dong-Joo: Soo-Wan asked me to disappear. She can’t look at my eyes anymore. She can’t look at me and smile, she says that she can’t hug me for my sake anymore! Don’t you know my struggle just to get this far? Feeling sorry to my mother, swallowing all the hate towards you by only thinking of Soo Wan. The one person who I wished to be mine, is only Soo Wan. I told you that she shouldn’t know. You should have told her that it wasn’t true. That it was a lie!

Then dad opened his eyes.

Detective Woo-Chul was on the rooftop and wanted a smoke but because he was prohibited by the Drs, he decided to pick up a half-smoked cigarette near the trash(desperate much eh? :P) he walks near the ledge to smoke it when he saw Dr.Oh Young-Ji and evil police chief talking. They are quite far so i think its impossible that he hears what they are saying.

Evil Police Chief tells Dr.Oh Young-Ji that the car that they disposed was found because the junk yard owner thought it was worth a salvage because it has minimum damage but he made a lot of changes to make sure its unrecognisable. Dr.Oh Young-Ji what will happen now, and Evil Chief reassures her that the only thing that can be confirmed is that it is Prosecutor Kang’s car that went in for demolition that it cannot be used as evidence for the car accident. But Dr.Oh Young-Ji is not confident with his answer and asked what they can do. Evil Chief said that he will need her help this time. Then the camera pans out and Detective Woo-Chul is still on the rooftop with an something-fishy-is-going-here-face.

Back at the hospital Dr.Kang Ji-Woon assures Dong-Joo that the director is getting better but still cannot talk when Soo-Wan suddenly opens the door, upon seeing Dong-Joo she closed it again.

Soo-Wan seats outside the hospital, Dr.Kang Ji-Woon approaches her and said that he knows that Dong-Joo knows everything and he might not grasp to the full extent of why the director did it but its sad how much he must have wanted it, how much he loved you that he did something like that. Soo-Wan said that Ji-Woon is a doctor too. Ji-Woon asked back: “How many people do you think that Father-in-law has saved in his lifetime?” and continues telling Soo-Wan that because he is human and because he is a parent he made that misatake. As Soo-Wan stoop up to go, she thanked him for talking in behalf of her father.

A worried Woon-Chan and Teddy hurries home because Jinmoo caught the bug that was going around the school, when Woon-Chan told Ellie that she should go home now, Jinmoo stopped her and asked her not to go so Ellie stayed.

The next day Jinmoo approached his dad and Tedyy and told them that his feeling better and that Ellie is sleeping at his room. Teddy said that they should wake her up because she should eat. When Teddy saw that she was unconscious so they brought her to the hospital.

At the hospital the doctors explained that she has a weaker immune system than most people because she had a bone marrow transplant, even though she fully recovered she still needs to be careful.

Woon-Chan stayed and watched over her and when she woke up, he tells her not to overwork herself and Ellie laughed at his jokes which was witnessed by a jealous Teddy (awwwww..)

Soo-Wan was taking care of her father and tells her father:

Soo-Wan: My father needs a shave. When did you get so many wrinkles? You hated taking care of your health because you wanted to go to Mom quicker, huh? The past 12 years, everyday that you lived here, must have been like hell for you. I wasn’t too bright then but there are so many things that I understand now. When i first opened my eyes, you wont look into my eyes, i thought that you might still hate me because of mom. But it must be painful right? Because every time you look at me you must have felt punished. But is still wished you didn’t do it. No matter how pitiful you are Dad i still cant say thank you, But dad, I’ll make you less lonely now. Let’s stay together. I’m thinking of letting Dong Joo go. Let us let Dong Joo go. Let’s do that.
Let’s pull him out of this Hell. Dong Joo who didnt do anything wrong, so lets do that.

Soo-Wan fell asleep by her father’s side when we see the sad eyes of the director tearing up a little.

Dong-Joo is drinking his heart out and recalling the time when Soo-Wan made him promise that he will never leave her. He came home stumbling and Ellie asked him what’s wrong. Dong-Joo just apologized and went inside his room. In his sleep he kept muttering, No Soo-Wan no.. (so sad:c)

The next morning when he woke up, he sees Hye-Joo knitting up something and asked her about it, she said that mom used to do it that wile knitting thread by thread you think of that person, because of love. so Dong-Joo asked who she was going to give it to but Ellie coyly replied that its a secret :) hehe

At the hospital, Min-soo and Ji-Woon was talking outside, Min-soo told him that because the director and her sunbae is in the hospital she is frequently here. Ji-Woon said its nice that he sees her often and asked her what did she want to ask him. Min-soo hesitantly said not to misunderstand but she is telling him because its not proper to hide things between them so she began by saying that while she was investigation the case, 12 years ago, Prosecutor Kang bought a sportscar and then had it destroyed. When Ji-Woon asked what about the car, Min-soo replies that since she was re-investigating Park Dong Joo’s mother’s accident, that came up and she is notifying him that there might be a subpoena for his father. Ji-Woon asked where did the accident occur. When Min-soo replied, Ji-Woon had a look of consternation in his face and decide to go to the department of records.

At the department of records he viewed all the patients from January to February looking for a name Kim Hye Sook. The notes in her record indicate that the patient was hit by a car while riding a bicycle and twisted her ankle. Ji-Woon then began writing down her information.

Dong-Joo was pondering on his house when Hye-Joo came in, asking if Unnie is okay, if she should make pumpkin porridge for her when Dong-Joo said that there’s something that he has to tell her.

The next morning, Hye-Joo and Soo-Wan meets up to talk. Hye-Joo began saying that Soo-Wan should not to be like this, that oppa was okay with it, she is okay with it, that she is actually happy because her mother made Soo-Wan open her eyes. Hye-Joo asked her why does she not like it and why does she have to breakup with her brother? Hye-joo continued telling her that her mother is smart because its not someone else but its her, Soo-Wan. She is extremely proud of what her mother did but why Soo-Wan dont feel the same way? Soo-Wan apologized but Hye-Joo said not to say sorry but instead be thankful, and that as long as you are good to us then we can be happy together. Soo-Wan told her that Unnie and Oppa don’t seem to be helpful to each other. Because Dong-Joo had a bright future ahead of him. Hye counters back that it’s all excuses, everything can be solved by love (Oh if its only that easy :c). Hye-Joo tells her she doesnt even know how to hate her, Soo-Wan said you can hate me and gave her the whistle necklace.

When Soo-Wan went home, a furious Dong-Joo asks why she gave the necklace to Hye-Joo and asked her to stop being stubborn because he wasnt just going to give up like that easily. Soo-Wan told him that they are at the age where they know they wont die after breaking up. Dong-Joo said it felt like he was going to die to the point that dying could be better. Soo-Wan asked him to leave and Dong-Joo asked “how many times do I have to tell you to believe me?” but Soo-Wan just said that she felt like death whenever she sees him so to please leave.

Both of them have flashback of their sweet moments while on their own at their house :(

Ji-Woon went to Mrs. Kim Hye Sook’s place. When we suddenly see a flashback of a terrified younger Ji-Woon with his mom at the hospital. Dr. Oh Young-Ji is asking about the patient, Mrs. Kim Hye Sook, who got hit by a car. His mother visited the patient. Back to the present day, the patient is telling Ji-Woon how thankful she was because Dr. Oh Young-Ji took care of her and even gave me compensation when she got discharge. Ji-Woon discovered that she fell before the car hit her but she doesn’t know how the doctor new about the almost accident.

At a stoplight, on his way back, Ji-Woon saw a lady with her bike and had a flashback to the night of Jung-Hwa’s accident, (OH NO, i knew it!:c) we see that that the driver of the car is a scared Ji-Woon.

At his house, visibly shaken, his mother asked what’s wrong. Ji-Woon said that the accident, the hit and run, he was the one who was driving the car that day, but he cant understand is he didnt kill the person even though he ran away. His mom consoled him that nobody said that it wasnt him that he saw himself that the patient was smiling. Ji-Woon asked her what happened? what it is that he saw that day and what did she do to him?

Dong-Joo was walking to the director’s room at the hospital when he heard a crash and quickly went inside. He saw a shattered vase and a pale Soo-Wan, he told her that he will clean it up and saw that she her hands was bleeding, when he was about to care for it, Soo-Wan stopped him and asked him to please just leave because she really doesnt want to see him anymore. She said that she wants to go back to the day before she met him because those times were better. It was better when she couldnt see. There’s a look of resignation in Dong-Joo’s face as he agrees and tells her that he’ll stop making it hard for her.

We see a tons of flashback to those sweet moments like the kiss, the proposal.

Then we see Dong-joo packing and the Chief said it seem sad now that he is leaving. Then he walked to all the places and recalled the sweet memories he had with Soo-Wan at the fire station.

Dong-Joo meets up with Min-soo at a cafe and gave her Soo-Wan’s things and asked her to take care of Soo-Wan.

At the hospital, Min-soo stopped by Detective Woo-Chul’s room and asked him why is love between a man and a woman so complicated? But this two, no serious conversation is without a banter and their exchange also led to the divorce of Woo-Chul’s and his wife until the detective asked Min-soo to just go and leave him be. Hehe.

When Soo-Wan received the things that Dong-Joo gave, she listened to the ipod.

Dong-Joo: Yoon Soo Wan. Don’t cry. Don’t be hurt. I tried so hard so that you won’t cry. But, it turned out like this. I’m sorry. It’s fine if you forget everything and not keep (the promise). But, the promise I made with Jung Hwa, Don’t be in pain, Don’t get hurt and [live] a long long time. Please keep that promise. I have nothing much to say.

His voice choked, full of emotion because he was near tears then he his goodbye was: Soo-Wan-ah then he burst into tears and Soo-wan was crying as well. :(

Then we see that Dong-Joo is holding plane tickets (his and Soowan’s) going to Boston except we all know that Soowan is not coming.

Before he left, he stopped by the director’s room and talked to him and told him that he wont be coming back anymore. Since its the last time, he asked why did he do it?

Dong-Joo: “You made me dream to become a doctor… Why did you have to come? You shouldn’t have treated me well. I can’t even hate you. Do you know what it means for me to let Soo-Wan go? I really hate you right now. i wish the earth will crumble and swallow me. But i still need to leave her. I thought the only person who can make Soo Wan happy. But i lost my confidence, so i need to leave. It would’ve been great if the surgery went well and you could be able to talk. Because there’s something i want to hear. What did i mean to you?

Then DongJoo stood up and left. Then we see that father tries to reach out but its already too late Dongjoo already left. Then he removed his oxygen mask and made this gurgling sound. Dong-Joo who was still crying standing outside the door and suddenly turns his head around.

Did he hear it? i dont know i guess we will have to find out in a weeks time T_T Can believe it four more episodes left :(

This part really made me cry:(

Angel Eyes Episode 15 Recap

Somebody told me they cant view the recap on the mobile so i changed it. i hope you like this one :)
Ready your Kleenex or a bucket because you will be crying at this episode. We are in the middle of the story, the angsty, sad, admissions, denials part and even though i dont like it, we have to pass through this. :(

Angel Eyes Episode 15

Episode 15 starts with Soo-Wan wandering the streets, walking by herself, tortured by her guilts and flashback to the conversation she heard between her dad and Dong-Joo .

At her house her father is writing something and as he stood up we see that it was addressed to her.

Back to Soo-Wan who’s seen by a worried Min-Soo asking what’s wrong. Soo-Wan asked her “for example if i killed you and gave your organ to Dong-Joo what crime is that? what kind of punishment should be given?” of course Min-Soo said that its murder and punishable by death penalty. Soo-Wan said that its not enough for a beloved person. Min-Soo keeps asking her what’s bothering her but Soo-Wan just said her goodbye and left Min-Soo hanging.

At his home, a hurt and conflicted Dong-Joo kept thinking of what just happened when his phone rang, Min-Soo is calling.

A dazed Soo-Wan comes home, having lost her bearings, she begins to prepare for dinner and her father sees her and approaches her. Soo-Wan confronts her father about Jung-hwa’s death:

Soo-Wan: Did you think I’d be happy if I could just see? Now I understand why you hid Dong-Joo ‘s letters, why you looked after him in secret. But my father is not that kind of person, he wont harm his patients. You are not that kind of doctor. Its not true right? Please tell me im wrong.

Dad: For 12 years, i keep hoping i could go back to that moment and undo it. every time i saw you and Dong-Joo , i sincerely wished i hadn’t done it. But i can’t take it back. The only thing i can do is to make sure you and Dong-Joo never find out so that you will live happily.

Soo-Wan cries and tells his father how does he expect them to be happy, and if he even thought of Dong-Joo , Jung-hwa and Hye-joo so her father replied that he lives with grief and that is his punishment until he dies. Soo-Wan said that she cant and will never forgive her father, then runs out of the house.

Her father suddenly clutches his chest in pain, collapsed and fell down.

A worried Dong-Joo drives to Soo-Wan’s house after receiving a disturbing call from Min-Soo about Soo-Wan. He went inside the house when his calls went unanswered and found the director lying on the floor unconscious. He rushed him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dong-Joo and Ji-Woon about dad’s condition and that if he doesn’t receive surgery within the next few hours he will “expire”. Ji-Woon trusts him because he is the only one who can do this. The surgery is being watched by Dr. Kang Ji-Woon and his mother Dr. Oh Young-J when in the middle of the surgery, the director’s heart stopped but Dong-Joo managed to save him :)

Afterwards, Ji-Woon tells Dong-Joo that he did a good job and that he is an amazing doctor and a person. But Ji-Woon wanders where Soo-Wan is? Dong-Joo tells him that he wasn’t able to reach her since last night and hurriedly left and searched for her in place where they usually went but she wasn’t there.

We see that Soo-Wan is in her first home, the place where she and Dong-Joo went to on episode 13. She looks at her ring while she kept having flashback of the past and blamed herself that everything happened because of her, her mom’s death, Jung-hwa’s death, her dad becoming a murderer.

Min-Soo continued her investigation and looked into another potential witness. But she cant find him so Min-Soo informed this finding to Detective Woo-Chul who tells her that the witness was probably paid off.

While seating outside the hospital Dr. Kang Ji-Woon saw her and breaks the news that the director collapsed and had an emergency surgery and asked Min-Soo to take care of Soo-Wan if she saw her because it will be hard on her. Min-Soo asked about his father, Prosecutor Kang In Tae, surprised about the question Ji-Woon said that he is a successful prosecutor but as a father he is not sure. Dr.Kang sees the exchange and approached Ji-Woon when Min-Soo left asking who he was talking to. Ji-Woon said she is a close friend of his.

Meanwhile, Ellie was walking out of a store when she overhears a conversation about betting who is faster, the paramedics or the chicken delivery. One of them started calling the emergency hotline when Ellie grabbed the phone and told them that it was a fake call and to charge this people who is prank calling them. The guys got mad and started arguing with her when suddenly Teddy, Jin-moo and Woon-Chan came to her rescue. They end up in the police station where its evident they had fight.The chief came and saved them of course :)

At home while brushing their teeth, Jinmoo giggles that Ellie called his dad her boyfriend but of course dad said she was just joking so that the guys will not bother her.

Back to Soo-Wan who is still contemplating on her own, she has flashbacks to her breakfast with Dong-Joo who cooked omurice.

Hyejoo surprises the guys the next morning and tells them that it felt that she watched an action movie yesterday. She also put a bandage (a super cute Pororo band aid) on the wound on Teddy’s face. Driving to work, Teddy said that the bandage is a super special item that cannot be bought by money.. haha.

Dong-Joo talks to the chief of the firestation about Soo-Wan.

Min-Soo smelled something fishy with the witness’s behavior when she finally met and talked to him but she proceeded with meeting up with Dong-Joo afterwards.

At the cafe, Dong-Joo tells Min-Soo that it was her mother who donated he corneas. Min-Soo expressed her concern and told him that when Soo-Wan had the surgery, she was more sad that somebidy died than he fact that she will be able to see. But that changed when Soo-Wan met Dong-Joo ‘s family. Min-Soo also mentioned to Dong-Joo that there’s some development in the investigation and will tell him more about it next time.

At the firestation, Teddy is looking for leader Yoon Soo-Wan but Chief told them that he made her take all her vacation leaves because she deserves some break.. that night Soo-Wan stopped by he station and gave the chief her resignation. The chief asked her if it’s really necessary, he understand that her father was hospitalized but she can just extend her leave, this is when Soo-Wan discovered that her father collapsed and rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dong-Joo and Ji-Woon was talking about the director’s prognosis and Dong-Joo said that the director might never wake up but Ji-Woon remains positive and encourages him to have hope. Dong-Joo was telling Ji-Woon about his mother’s accident and how it lead to hear when a shocked Ji-Woon asked if his mother was in a hit and run accident(hmm.. fishy fishy.. I wonder if he was a passenger and witnessed the whole thing?) When his phone rang he excused himself and left. Soo-Wan arrives and Dong-Joo comforts her and asked where she was but Soo-Wan asked to be alone so Dong-Joo went out and stood outside. Soo-Wan blames herself and kept apologizing to her father. Dong-Joo overhears this.

Back at the junkyard, Min-Soo approached her witness again and when she saw the car he was riding he was able to compare the motor number and they were the same. So the witness, shaken, said that they should talk inside and dragged her inside the store.

At the hospital, Dong-Joo asked Soo-Wan to eat then go home and rest , as they were walking outside, Soo-Wan suddenly told him that she knows everything and asked him why does he love her and how can he love her? How can he be happy looking at her when you knew everything. Dong-Joo asked her to stop and grabbed her hand and went to a church.

Dong-Joo said that this is where his parents got married.

Dong-Joo : When my mom was having a hard time, she visits this place and remembers how happy she was when she stood here with her vow about how life’s hardships can become smaller. Let’s also start here.

But Soo-Wan pulled away and asked to go but Dong-Joo stops her and tries to calms her and says to just take his hand and follow him. But Soo-Wan is not convinced because of the guilt of what her father has done and asked him:”how can i? i shouldn’t.” But Dong-Joo still tries to persuade her and tells her hat she can do it. but Soo-Wan answered back:

Soo-Wan: How can I look at you and smile with these eyes? Everyday you’re with me will be painful. I can’t be your home.I’m the definition… of pain.
Dong-Joo : Being without you… Not being able to see you is the biggest pain.
Soo-Wan: That’s just a misguided hope because someday it will come out again, it will catch up to you.
Dong-Joo : Then ill bury it again. I can do it if I have you.

Then Soo-Wan removes the ring from her finger and handed it over to Dong-Joo and said: “Please disappear from my life.”

This episode was so sad that i cant even make a gif for my favorite part. The only thing that lightened up this episode somber mood is Teddy, Jinmoo and his dad.