Angel Eyes Episode 18 Recap

What do you do when the person you love got lost inside their head? how do lead her back? how do you make her see the beauty of acceptance? Anyway, I was hoping to move on from the flashbacks but we get a lot more from this episode. i want more happy sweet and cute moments for our leads but i guess it was too much to ask.

Angel Eyes Ep 18 Recap

We continue from where our episode ended last night. When Dong-Joo hears that Soo-Wan is planning not to let anyone get close to her again, he drags her back inside the car and drove to her old house. He tells her that this is the place where he first saw her, how he loved the way she talks about the stars and that he realized what the heart was for when she hugged him. He told her that when he first brought her home, Jung Hwa and Hye Joo liked Soo-Wan very much that all they did was talk about her.

Dong-Joo: From the moment I met you, I was lucky. You were a blessing. To my family, you were happiness. That’s the truth that won’t change no matter how much you insist.

But Soo-Wan refuses to believe and told him that she used to think that she brings happiness to other people too but instead she actually brings destruction, that this is how it should have been in the first place(being blind). Dong-Joo wants Soo-Wan to take back what she just said and told her to understand that Jung Hwa gave her eyes to Soo-Wan with all her heart and asked her how she could do this?

Meanwhile at Woon-Chan’s home, he talks to Ellie and told her that he cannot accept the gift she made for him. Woon-Chan told Ellie that although he is grateful for her feelings, he cannot receive it because he only sees her as a daughter or a little sister. Ellie of course tried to reason out and told him that she wont be giving up that easily. But Woon-Chan told her that he can guarantee that it will never happen he asks her to leave and then he walks out. Teddy overhears all of this and wonders what to do or how to help.

At a bar, Dong-Joo joins Ji-Woon who is drinking by himself. Dong-Joo started talking about the past and how much he hated the word “IF”. He said that No matter how hard you think, there are things you can’t return or change. But recently all he did was think of what if’s:

Dong-Joo: If I hadn’t gotten wet in the rain that day.. If my mom hadn’t gotten into an accident that day… If I had been able to save the Director… Would Soo Wan understand despite all those ‘ifs’?

Ji-Woon tried to console him that Soo-Wan probably knows, but Dong-Joo interjected that Soo-Wan kept blaming herself. Ji-Woon asked how is it her fault and Dong-Joo said “Exactly.”

At his house, after washing his face, Ji-Woon looks at his reflection and had flashbacks of the confession of his mom and the director dying. He punched the mirror and angrily said that it was all his fault.

The next morning at the fire station, Teddy was handing out drinks but didnt give one to Woon-Chan, when Teddy went out everyone asked Woon-Chan if they had a fight hehe. At the locker room, Teddy talks to himself about how can Woon-Chan reject someone like Ellie. Then he punched Woon-Chan’s locker and shakes his hand in pain. (hehe.. noticed the trend here of punching stuff?)

After they shift when Teddy and Woon-Chan is going out of the building, they noticed Ellie is standing outside. So Woon-Chan and Ellie talked in the garden then she kissed him on the cheek. Woon-Chan’s face reddens and Ellie noticed it and points it out and asked him to tell her that Woon-Chan really doesnt feel anything towards her. So Woon-Chan told her and a lot of means things to make her hate him, he even told her to call her a bastard. Ellie told him that she is just saying she likes him, she’s not asking to marry him or what-nots but Woon-Chan doesnt agree with this because liking can lead to another and Ellie called him a coward and he agrees that he is one and asked her to behave or she will not watch after Jinmoo again, then he walked out and left Ellie crying.

Since Teddy witnessed this, he bought her some ice cream to console Ellie and told her that a grandma said that ice cream will cheer up sad people. She opened up to Teddy that he must have overheard that. He did. She said that she just got rejected but Teddy comforted her, that she is not lacking in anything but that “Ahjussi” is not in his right mind. HAHAHA. Go Teddy. Ellie seems happy and even asked him if she could meet the grandma that gave him that advice :)

At the doctors office, Dong-Joo tells the doctor that Soo-Wan refuses his help and instead adjust to her blindness. As the doctor advices him, we see that he follows it through a series of moments: “Dont help her if she wants to do things on her own” so he lets her wash the dishes by herself, “as she tries to do daily activities and exposes herself outside for fresh air, let her” we see that they did the laundry oustide and Dong-Joo just hanged other clothes while Soo-Wan handled another.

Evil police Chief is at Dr.Oh Young-Ji’s office telling her that they have been caught talking by Detective Woo Chul and seems to have other evidences as well, so he will be taking care of it for good this time around. Dr.Oh Young-Ji tells him that Ji-Woon is insisting to confess and evil police chief told her to handle her son because if Ji-Woon talks to Min-Soo then all hell will break loose. Ji-Woon walked in on them talking and evil police chief left.

Ji-Woon asked his mother what they are planning to do and to stop hurting other people. His mother told him that if he stay still then nobody will get hurt.

Morning at Soo-Wan’s house, Hye-Joo came to visit and was all tears upon seeing her blind Unni. She asked Soo-Wan to stop being hurt and handed her a ball of purple thread and said that she will knit a sweater for Soo-Wan and that when she finished, Soo-Wan has to promise that she will come back to her old self and made a pinky promise.

A conflicted Min-Soo makes a phone call to Ji-Woon and recorded his voice for comparison and the voice analysis expert said that its a 96% match. Although that proved the caller of the 119 call, they couldnt determine who the driver is.

Detective Woo Chul was walking home when evil chief called him to meet up. The next morning, he knows that he will be betrayed and as he was crossing the street to go to the meeting place a big truck was about to hit him when Min-Soo rammed the truck with her car saving Detective Woo Chul. They hurriedly ran after the driver who was getting away and thankfully caught him:)

Evil police chief called Dr.Oh Young-Ji warning her about the situation and that they should get ready because he will not be the only one who will go down, when suddenly the doors to his office opened, the cops cuffs him and Min-Soo and Detective Woo Chul tells him he is getting arrested for attempted murder and for tampering with evidence. Finally YEY! (we also hear them call him by his name: Kim Young Nak but i like evil police chief better:P)

Dr.Oh Young-Ji hears all this and panics and packs up her clother to leave when Ji-Woon walked in, she tells her son to pack up and go to Melbourne Hospital. Ji-Woon asked why and his mom just shouted at her to do what she says, so he just agrees and helped her packed to calm her down and drove away. He then calls Min-Soo.

At the police station, we see that Dong-Joo is being lead to a back room where he can see Ji-Woon and Min-Soon talking at the next room. Ji-Woon started confessing that he was the one who was driving the car that hit Jung Hwa, because he was so scared he ran away and left her. He also admits to injecting poison/toxin to kill her, so that he leave any evidences that will trace back to him.

As Ji-Woon goes out of the room, Dong-Joo blocks him and tells him that it doesnt make any sense but Ji-Woon just apologized. Min-Soo pulls him to walk away but dr.kang suddenly arrives and stops her from charging Ji-Woon by confessing that it was her who killed Jung Hwa and to ask evil police chief about it.

The next scene shows us all of them are at a separate rooms and the police are all getting their statments. The next morning when Ji-Woon walks out of the station, Min-Soo approached him. He tells her that receiving punishment also doesn’t happen the way he want it to and that he will probably regret it for the rest of his life.

Min-Soo meets up with Dong-Joo and explained to him that it was confirmed that Dr.Young-Ji, Ji-Woon’s mom did it out of fear that Jung Hwa will wake up and get Ji-Woon in trouble.

Dong-Joo goes to the prison and visited Dr.Young-Ji and talked to her:

Dong-Joo: As a doctor and a parent, how could you commit such an unthinkable act and live as if nothing had happened? I thought that the Director had killed her even the director had thought that and passed away with that knowledge.

Dr.Oh Young-Ji: What’s the difference between Director Yoon and me? For his child, he would’ve killed someone as well. If I return to that moment, whether I would make a different choice. A parent’s heart, a mother’s heart is like that. If Mr. Park Dong Joo’s mother were in my shoes, she would understand.

Dong-Joo completely disagrees with her and told her that his mother didn’t taught them that way. Thinking of his mother gives him strength, his mother’s love is like a lamplight, that helped him endure life no matter how hard it got. He asked her what was her love like to Ji-Woon? Will Dr. Kang Ji-Woon be thankful and happy with the love she gave him? As he rises to leave he parts with the words:

Dong-Joo: My mom, my sister and me, Soo Wan, including the Director, you will have to be sorry to all of us. However, the person you have to be sorriest to seems to be Dr. Kang Ji Woon.

Back at the house, Dong-Joo tells Soo-Wan that he is ready to forgive the director now. But Soo-Wan answered back that she bets her dad doesn’t want his forgiveness and that a wrongdoing is a wrongdoing. Then she walks out and went to her room.

Soo-Wan has a flashback to the time that she told her father that she will never forgive him, she cries while uttering the words:”Im sorry Dad, Im very sorry.”

The next scene shows us Dong-Joo seeing his picture inside the directors wallet and cried and realizes what he means to the director. He longingly calls him father as the tears flows. (and also a flashback of all the time they bonded)

The next morning at a cafe, Ji-Woon deeply apologizes for everything, Donjoo admits being in shocked and infuriated that the driver was him. Ji-Woon understands him and asks him if he can please take care of the hospital because someone like him shouldn’t be in charge of it. As they walked out of the cafe, Ji-Woon tells Dong-Joo that he will probably live with the guilt for the rest of his life and that he wont worry about Soo-Wan because he knows Dong-Joo is beside her.

Dong-Joo comes home and went to the director’s office, he discovered the letter that dad left for Soo-Wan.

The next scene shows us that Dong-Joo is driving with Soo-Wan to somewhere. Donjoo says that this time around they are going to find Yoon Soo Wan.

Turns out they went back to the place where they kissed and you know(*wink, wink*). As they were walking

When they arrived at the house, Dong-Joo reads the letter to Soo-Wan that dad left for her.

Dad: Soo-Wan-ah, My daughter, the happiest day of my life, was the day I met you. The day I touched your moving hands, I began to live a new life from Human Yoon Jae Beom, to Dad Yoon Jae Beom. Soo Wan, responsibilities always follow a decision. Whoever makes a decision at that moment that exactly shows what kind of person they are. My wrong decision, which made me painfully self-reflect on who Yoon Jae Beom the person was, was when I saw Dong Joo’s mother, Yoo Jung Hwa’s decision. Because he is a son of that kind of person Dong Joo would be that kind of child as well. Dong Joo.. I don’t know if you will believe me, but I met Dong Joo and began to love him. When that boy called me “Dad” the last twelve years… I felt not only pain, but happiness. For making things difficult for you two, I’m very sorry. Soo Wan, my beautiful daughter, I know it’s Dad’s final greedy wish. But still I hope that you are happy with Dong Joo. As for asking Dong Joo’s mother for forgiveness, I will do it.

After reading it Dong-Joo said that he will kiss her know, which he did, but Soo-Wan didnt respond back making Dong-Joo mad. So he asked her to please come back if she really doesnt want to see him? He said that he feels like he is dying because “i want to look at our eyes, kiss you and touch you.”

As they were sleeping, (Dong-Joo at the sofa), Soo-Wan dreamt of her father. (a kind of please-move-on-im-happy-now dream). In her dream we see a younger Soo-Wan running to her father, and he was so happy carrying her. Soo-Wan woke up crying. When she opened her eyes, she can see again! She went downstairs to Dong-Joo and caressed his face.

The next morning when Dong-Joo woke up he found a letter addressed to him, we see him hurriedly went to Soo-Wan’s room but didn’t found her there. He ran all over the place shouting Soo-Wan’s name.

WHAT? seriously they end it there? cant they give us a happy one with two episodes left?? T_T


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