Angel Eyes Episode 17 Recap

We have 4 more episodes left, I think, and the drama is tying up loose ends as they wrap up. Ready your tissues again goes this episode is another tearjerker :(

Angel Eyes Ep 17 Recap

As Dong-Joo stood outside the room, he heard a loud bang from inside the room and rushed inside to find dad lying on the floor. He was about to carry him when dad stopped him and pointed at a cabinet, Dong-Joo looked at him questionably but dad kept pointing at the cabinet, so Dong-Joo opened it and found the recorder that he and Soo-Wan usually use to exchange ‘notes’. Dad signals for him to hide it in his pocket then he took a breath and uttered the word ‘Soo-Wan’. But in his thoughts we can hear him say”Dong-Joo please take care of Soo-Wan”. Then his heart stopped.

Dong-Joo called for help and tried to do chest compression to revive him until Ji-Woon and the nurses came with the medical equipment’s and tried to resuscitate him back but to no avail. Ji-Woon even stops Dong-Joo who doesn’t want to give up until Soo-Wan came. She knelt beside her father and touched his face and cried for him to wake up.

Ji-Woon ran to his mother to break the news that the director passed away and that they just killed another person.

At the director’s wake, while the fire station guys was doing the customary bow at her, Soo-Wan had a flashback on her first day as a rescue worker and promised her dad that this is how she repays all the people that helped her through and promises to be careful, The fire station guys was eating, when they overheard a conversation about the fact that the only daughter of the director hasn’t cried yet. The Chief, who is very protective of his staff, told them that sometimes the pain is too much the tears wont flow. Woon-Chan shared his story when he went trough the death of his wife.

Back at the hospital, Ji-Woon had a flashback as well, when he asked the director why he gave in too soon to giving his blessing to Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo. The director consoled him then, telling him that he is a good person and that the pain will soon fade away but that there are some things that one cannot forget though. Talking to himself, Ji-Woon said he is not a good person.

Dr.Young-Ji was at the wake, we hear her thoughts that since the director failed, she promised that she wont, she will protect it till the end.

She goes to her son’s home and Ji-Woon told her that the director must have died from the guilt of killing someone but that in truth it might not be it. That he also was having a hard time even though he saw that the patient was feeling better. Dr.Young-Ji replied back that the reason she did it was because he might not be able to handle it, he could have not pursued to be a doctor. That she will never regret her choices. Ji woon, who is wrecked with guilt, tells her that he will tell Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo the truth of what they have done because he will go crazy in this bar-less prison. Crying, his mom told him that she will die if he does because there were a lot of things she did for him.

Min-Soo is trying to comfort Soo-Wan by telling her that she should cry or she might get sick, but Soo-Wan just thinks of the things that needs to be taken care after her dad’s death. Min-Soo takes a breather outside and saw Dong-Joo seating by himself.

Inside, Soo-Wan tells a picture of his father how he could leave her but that he must be happy now that he is with her mother.

At his house, Dong-Joo listens to the recording:

Soo-Wan: Dong Joo. What I said to you were all lies. I wouldn’t be able to live without you. I wouldn’t be able to breathe. It would be terrible, I don’t want to send you away. Since it’s fine just watching you from behind, I want to be by your side for the rest of my life. Dong Joo, you hate me, You’re going to hate me, right? You can’t hate me, I really don’t like it when you hate me. After sending you away, what will I do if I want to see you so badly? Dong-Joo-ya, Dong-Joo-ya…

At the cemetery, Soo-Wan stands up in front of his father’s tombstone, she had a flashback to the moment when she told his father that she wont ever forgive him, then remembers all the good that dad did to her. Then she fainted, Dong-Joo rushed to her.

At the hospital, they said that she must have collapsed from the fatigued but when she woke up, she asked why it was dark? We see that she goes through a lot of test to figure out why she cant suddenly see.

The doctor explained to Dong-Joo that Soo-Wan must be suffering from a psychological trauma where the guilt denies her from being able to see.

A worried Min-Soo, asks her if she’s playing around, distraught that her friend is not able to see again, Dong-Joo asks her to calm down as she cries and shouts at Soo-Wan to look at her, he had to drag her outside and explained about Soo-Wan’s situation.

Dr.Young-Ji was standing outside Soo-Wan’s room when Ji-Woon saw her, they went to her office and talked. Ji-Woon asked her, the wrongdoing that they did, why is it that Soo-Wan is the one who is suffering from it? mother replied that she didnt wish of that to happen, she might have committed a lot of wrong things but bad things happened because Soo-Wan and the director also made mistakes themselves. She told Ji-Woon that if he thinks telling Soo-Wan the truth is good thing, think if there are other good choices rather than sending his mother to jail. Then she walks away leaving Ji-Woon to the flashback where his mother admitted that it was her who killed Jung Hwa, by injecting poison.

The next morning, Hyejoo is happily packing up a gift when she saw Dong-Joo packing up, he explained that he has to take care of Soo-Wan so he needs to stay with her for a while.

When Dong-Joo brought Soo-Wan home from the hospital, he guides her to her room where she looked for her walking stick to guide her. Dong-Joo said she never used it back then and teased her that she doesnt need it for that long Soo-Wan just asked him to leave but Dong-Joo said that he will never leave her again even if she asked her too, he will stay by her side forever.

Ellie was sad and Jinmoo noticed it while she was babysitting him, when teddy and Woon-Chan came hime, they decide to have picnic at the park:) While playing Frisbee, hyejoo was about to catch it when teddy saw that she as about to get hit by a bike so he rescued her and pretended to faint. So Woon-Chan decided to throw a little bit of water on him who pretended to wake up asking if its raining :P

while he went away to clean his face, ellie gave Woon-Chan the gift and confessed that she likes him. Teddy hears this and gets sad :(

That night, Teddy calls the grandma he got close to, and asks for advice again and told her that whatever choice she makes, he is happy as long as Ellie is happy. Woon-Chan overhears this and went to his room to look at her wife’s picture and reminisce.

At a cafe, the next morning, Dong-Joo was meeting two lawyers who told him that the director left the hospital to his care and also handed him a letter. He read the letter outside.

Dad: Dong Joo, I don’t know if I have the right to call you my son. I should not be able to do that. I should not give you any excuse or apology. Don’t try to understand, or forgive, me. Don’t cry any tears for me. But please, protect Soo Wan. Dong Joo, who knows how to love with more strength and wisdom than me, protect my poor daughter, Soo Wan, whom this unfit father failed to protect. Please don’t let your heart waver. For me, the times when we fished together were a valuable piece of happiness. Thank you.

Dong-Joo went to his tombstone brought dad’s favorite beer and told him how he can leave him with such difficult tasks? that if he is truly sorry, teach him how to deal with Soo-Wan.

Detective Woo-Chul was packing ready to leave the hospital and Min-Soo said she will drop him off at his house but woochchul wants to stops by the police station. He confronts Evil Chief that he witnessed his secret affair, Woo-Chul showed him a picture of him and Dr.Young-Ji talking. Evil Police Chief told him that they he was just passing message from the prosecutor. Woo-Chul doesn’t believe this of course and just told him that if listened to the evil chief about the job he offered he wouldn’t have gotten into an “accident” and leaves the Evil Chief furious.

Dong-Joo asked Soo-Wan if she want him to read for her but she walks away and seats away from him. He approaches her and tries to comfort her by placing his hand over hers but she moved it away but he still covered her hands with his..

Min-Soo and Woo-Chul meets up and she tells him that she is listening to the 119 call so that they could approach whoever called it in, but Woo-Chul said that he prepared a bait(he is the bait), a sting operation, so she’d better be ready when he called her. He leaves and Min-Soo listens to the recording again, she plays it and immediately recognizes Ji-Woon’s voice.

Soo-Wan is at the doctors office receiving treatment where the doctor is trying to comfort her with words. Afterwards she asked Dong-Joo to take her somewhere. And this somewhere is a place where you get guide dogs for the blind.

After training, as they were driving home, Dong-Joo stops the car and asked her why she has to get this far, when she suddenly unbuckles her seatbelt and went out of the car. Dong-Joo rushed to her and stops her from getting into an accident and asks why does she want to die? She tells him that she will send him away because everyone around her becomes miserable, so from now on she will not let anyone near her.

And that wraps up episode 17 of Angel Eyes.

I had a feeling that the director was going to die sigh.. i really like the silence in this episode it defines the sorrow of losing a person. The poignancy that Soo-Wan went “blind” because she felt the darkness is somewhere she has to retreat to, To hide and to keep people away from her, it is sad and at the same time you know and understand what she feels. I wonder what will be in tonight’s episode. can it get more sadder than this?


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