Angel Eyes Episode 15 Recap

Somebody told me they cant view the recap on the mobile so i changed it. i hope you like this one :)
Ready your Kleenex or a bucket because you will be crying at this episode. We are in the middle of the story, the angsty, sad, admissions, denials part and even though i dont like it, we have to pass through this. :(

Angel Eyes Episode 15

Episode 15 starts with Soo-Wan wandering the streets, walking by herself, tortured by her guilts and flashback to the conversation she heard between her dad and Dong-Joo .

At her house her father is writing something and as he stood up we see that it was addressed to her.

Back to Soo-Wan who’s seen by a worried Min-Soo asking what’s wrong. Soo-Wan asked her “for example if i killed you and gave your organ to Dong-Joo what crime is that? what kind of punishment should be given?” of course Min-Soo said that its murder and punishable by death penalty. Soo-Wan said that its not enough for a beloved person. Min-Soo keeps asking her what’s bothering her but Soo-Wan just said her goodbye and left Min-Soo hanging.

At his home, a hurt and conflicted Dong-Joo kept thinking of what just happened when his phone rang, Min-Soo is calling.

A dazed Soo-Wan comes home, having lost her bearings, she begins to prepare for dinner and her father sees her and approaches her. Soo-Wan confronts her father about Jung-hwa’s death:

Soo-Wan: Did you think I’d be happy if I could just see? Now I understand why you hid Dong-Joo ‘s letters, why you looked after him in secret. But my father is not that kind of person, he wont harm his patients. You are not that kind of doctor. Its not true right? Please tell me im wrong.

Dad: For 12 years, i keep hoping i could go back to that moment and undo it. every time i saw you and Dong-Joo , i sincerely wished i hadn’t done it. But i can’t take it back. The only thing i can do is to make sure you and Dong-Joo never find out so that you will live happily.

Soo-Wan cries and tells his father how does he expect them to be happy, and if he even thought of Dong-Joo , Jung-hwa and Hye-joo so her father replied that he lives with grief and that is his punishment until he dies. Soo-Wan said that she cant and will never forgive her father, then runs out of the house.

Her father suddenly clutches his chest in pain, collapsed and fell down.

A worried Dong-Joo drives to Soo-Wan’s house after receiving a disturbing call from Min-Soo about Soo-Wan. He went inside the house when his calls went unanswered and found the director lying on the floor unconscious. He rushed him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dong-Joo and Ji-Woon about dad’s condition and that if he doesn’t receive surgery within the next few hours he will “expire”. Ji-Woon trusts him because he is the only one who can do this. The surgery is being watched by Dr. Kang Ji-Woon and his mother Dr. Oh Young-J when in the middle of the surgery, the director’s heart stopped but Dong-Joo managed to save him :)

Afterwards, Ji-Woon tells Dong-Joo that he did a good job and that he is an amazing doctor and a person. But Ji-Woon wanders where Soo-Wan is? Dong-Joo tells him that he wasn’t able to reach her since last night and hurriedly left and searched for her in place where they usually went but she wasn’t there.

We see that Soo-Wan is in her first home, the place where she and Dong-Joo went to on episode 13. She looks at her ring while she kept having flashback of the past and blamed herself that everything happened because of her, her mom’s death, Jung-hwa’s death, her dad becoming a murderer.

Min-Soo continued her investigation and looked into another potential witness. But she cant find him so Min-Soo informed this finding to Detective Woo-Chul who tells her that the witness was probably paid off.

While seating outside the hospital Dr. Kang Ji-Woon saw her and breaks the news that the director collapsed and had an emergency surgery and asked Min-Soo to take care of Soo-Wan if she saw her because it will be hard on her. Min-Soo asked about his father, Prosecutor Kang In Tae, surprised about the question Ji-Woon said that he is a successful prosecutor but as a father he is not sure. Dr.Kang sees the exchange and approached Ji-Woon when Min-Soo left asking who he was talking to. Ji-Woon said she is a close friend of his.

Meanwhile, Ellie was walking out of a store when she overhears a conversation about betting who is faster, the paramedics or the chicken delivery. One of them started calling the emergency hotline when Ellie grabbed the phone and told them that it was a fake call and to charge this people who is prank calling them. The guys got mad and started arguing with her when suddenly Teddy, Jin-moo and Woon-Chan came to her rescue. They end up in the police station where its evident they had fight.The chief came and saved them of course :)

At home while brushing their teeth, Jinmoo giggles that Ellie called his dad her boyfriend but of course dad said she was just joking so that the guys will not bother her.

Back to Soo-Wan who is still contemplating on her own, she has flashbacks to her breakfast with Dong-Joo who cooked omurice.

Hyejoo surprises the guys the next morning and tells them that it felt that she watched an action movie yesterday. She also put a bandage (a super cute Pororo band aid) on the wound on Teddy’s face. Driving to work, Teddy said that the bandage is a super special item that cannot be bought by money.. haha.

Dong-Joo talks to the chief of the firestation about Soo-Wan.

Min-Soo smelled something fishy with the witness’s behavior when she finally met and talked to him but she proceeded with meeting up with Dong-Joo afterwards.

At the cafe, Dong-Joo tells Min-Soo that it was her mother who donated he corneas. Min-Soo expressed her concern and told him that when Soo-Wan had the surgery, she was more sad that somebidy died than he fact that she will be able to see. But that changed when Soo-Wan met Dong-Joo ‘s family. Min-Soo also mentioned to Dong-Joo that there’s some development in the investigation and will tell him more about it next time.

At the firestation, Teddy is looking for leader Yoon Soo-Wan but Chief told them that he made her take all her vacation leaves because she deserves some break.. that night Soo-Wan stopped by he station and gave the chief her resignation. The chief asked her if it’s really necessary, he understand that her father was hospitalized but she can just extend her leave, this is when Soo-Wan discovered that her father collapsed and rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dong-Joo and Ji-Woon was talking about the director’s prognosis and Dong-Joo said that the director might never wake up but Ji-Woon remains positive and encourages him to have hope. Dong-Joo was telling Ji-Woon about his mother’s accident and how it lead to hear when a shocked Ji-Woon asked if his mother was in a hit and run accident(hmm.. fishy fishy.. I wonder if he was a passenger and witnessed the whole thing?) When his phone rang he excused himself and left. Soo-Wan arrives and Dong-Joo comforts her and asked where she was but Soo-Wan asked to be alone so Dong-Joo went out and stood outside. Soo-Wan blames herself and kept apologizing to her father. Dong-Joo overhears this.

Back at the junkyard, Min-Soo approached her witness again and when she saw the car he was riding he was able to compare the motor number and they were the same. So the witness, shaken, said that they should talk inside and dragged her inside the store.

At the hospital, Dong-Joo asked Soo-Wan to eat then go home and rest , as they were walking outside, Soo-Wan suddenly told him that she knows everything and asked him why does he love her and how can he love her? How can he be happy looking at her when you knew everything. Dong-Joo asked her to stop and grabbed her hand and went to a church.

Dong-Joo said that this is where his parents got married.

Dong-Joo : When my mom was having a hard time, she visits this place and remembers how happy she was when she stood here with her vow about how life’s hardships can become smaller. Let’s also start here.

But Soo-Wan pulled away and asked to go but Dong-Joo stops her and tries to calms her and says to just take his hand and follow him. But Soo-Wan is not convinced because of the guilt of what her father has done and asked him:”how can i? i shouldn’t.” But Dong-Joo still tries to persuade her and tells her hat she can do it. but Soo-Wan answered back:

Soo-Wan: How can I look at you and smile with these eyes? Everyday you’re with me will be painful. I can’t be your home.I’m the definition… of pain.
Dong-Joo : Being without you… Not being able to see you is the biggest pain.
Soo-Wan: That’s just a misguided hope because someday it will come out again, it will catch up to you.
Dong-Joo : Then ill bury it again. I can do it if I have you.

Then Soo-Wan removes the ring from her finger and handed it over to Dong-Joo and said: “Please disappear from my life.”

This episode was so sad that i cant even make a gif for my favorite part. The only thing that lightened up this episode somber mood is Teddy, Jinmoo and his dad.


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