Angel Eyes Episode 14 Recap

Angel Eyes Ep14 Recap

Soo-Wan goes to the hospital to ask for information about the donor papers regarding her transplant. But the department said it was confidential, so she asked one of the Doctors that knows her dad and asked him for a favor. The paperwork given to her confimed that Jung-Hwa was the one who donated the corneas.

At the firestation a worried Dong-Joo is wonderin why Soo-Wan didnt contact him all day long. After his shift, he was surprised to see Soo-Wan outside the building. They went to the memorial park to visit Jung-Hwa and talked to her.

She cried saying she was so happy and grateful but didn’t know it was her, she asked why wasn’t she told from the beginning that it was Jung-Hwa who gave her sight? Dong-Joo comforted her telling her that it was Jung-Hwa who wanted to keep it from her because she might be sad about it.

On their way home, Soo-Wan asked if he was really okay about his mother giving her sight, and Dong-Joo told her that when he first saw he he felt that he was looking at Jung-Hwa’s eyes and it comforted him in a way and he understood why Jung-Hwa did it.

Inside her room, Soo-Wan was having flashbacks about the goodtimes she spent with Jung-Hwa, when her father arrived and saw her crying so he asked what’s wrong, Soo-Wan told him about knowing who the donor of her eyes, and proceeded in pouring out her soul that she felt guilty, sad and shocked about finding out that it was someone she knows and cares about. Dad consoled her and tells her that he himself is grateful as well and hugs and cries with his daughter.

The next morning at work, Soo-Wan was feeling down, so Dong-Joo talked to her and told her that she will tell on her to Jung-Hwa if she doesn’t stop crying HEHE. She asked if Hye-Joo knows? Dong-Joo replied that she was to young then but he know that if she knows she will understand.

Walking back to his office, Dong-Joo receives a call from the director to meet. Dad talks to Dong-Joo told him that Soo-Wan found out but she took it better than he thought and thanked Dong-Joon for consoling Soo-Wan. Dong-Joo just stood up and said to convince Soo-Wan to go to the US so that she wont find out other unnecessary things.

The director got suspicious with what Dong-Joo said and put two and two together, so he approached Dr.Choi and asked him if he met up with Dong-Joo. Dr.Choi admitted that he told Dong-Joo the truth about seeing the director remove his mothers oxygen masks and added that there’s another person who needs to know the truth.. Soo-Wan. The director tells him to leave the hospital, but Dr.Choi continued talking and said that even Dong-Joo told him not to tell Soo-Wan but that wont stop him then he left the director in the room.

Ji-Woon is walking with his minions when the Dr who helped Soo-Wan with the donor information saw him and asked if Soo-Wan was doing okay. From their conversation, Ji-Woon found out that Soo-Wan knows who gave her the corneas.. Dong-Joo’s mom.

Dong-Joo brings Soo-Wan home, he made her promise not to cry again and even had a pinky promise swear and then they hug.

From the window, dad saw them and had a flashback about Dong-Joo finding out the truth, when Soo-Wan came in, she saw his dad lying in the floor and clutching his chest. Dong-Joo got called in but dad assured him that he is okay and not to bother checking him up, since Dong-Joo was not the concerned he just assured Soo-wan that dad is okay and left.

The next day at work, Dong-Joo asked how the director was doing, Soo-Wan said he is doing well but wont go to the hospital, she told him if they can delay going to the US because they need to think about her father’s health.

The fire station get visited by the suicidal man who gave them treats from his bakery. He told them that he got depressed when he cant compete with the supermarket that’s why he always want to die when he drinks. When they fell from the building, he felt guilty and apologized because they risked their lives for him, so he cleaned up his bake shop and starts to cook again :) He thanks them and Soo-Wan told him to tell them where his bakery is because they will be visiting often :)

Ellie cooked for Jinmoo and his dad and Teddy noticed that Ellie is happy and felt envy towards the way she acts around Woon-Chan.

At a cafe, Min-Soo and Ji-Woon is at talking, Ji-Woon wants to know what Dong-Joo’s family meant to Soo-Wan. Min-Soo explained that its not just about Dong-Joo being Soo-wan’s first love, its about being around his family and the happiness Soowan felt because she wasn’t alone any longer, she especially got close to Jung-Hwa who became the sun in Soo-Wan’s life. Then she advised Ji-Woon to let go because letting go is love too. But Ji-Woon replied that as long as there is one percent of hope then there’s reason to live.

Meanwhile Soo-Wan went inside her father’s bedroom, who is already sleeping and told her mother to please watch out for his dad..

Afterwards, Ji-Woon meets up with Dong-Joo. He told him that he found out about what Dong-Joo’s family meant to Soo-Wan and he was grateful but at the same time it broke his heart. He also understood why the director would do such heinous act. Dong-Joo asked how much he knows. Ji-Woon said everything. Ji-Woon then asked Dong-Joo: “knowing that Soo-Wan’s father did that, how could you still want to be with her? if she finds out about what her father did, do you think she will be okay?” and told him that he is the one person who shouldn’t be near Soo-Wan. Dong-Joo asked him to stop but he continued to say that the only thing he has to offer Soo-Wan is the miserable truth. Then he stood up and left Dong-Joo in his seat.

At the firestation locker room, Teddy had a flashback about being thanked by Woon-Chan about buying him aftershave but he wasn’t the one who bought it(it was Ellie who bought it), so he decided to call Ellie and asked her out. At their date, Teddy told her that he is treating her out because he received his paycheck but eElie wondered why so Teddy told her because they were both from US. Ellie said they should be friends then since they don’t know a lot of people in Korea. As they were eating, Ellie kept asking about Woon-Chan about his likes and favorite stuff, which disappointed Teddy.

After their dinner, he went and treated the grandmother who had a low blood sugar level with an ice cream and chatted with her. Teddy told her that he likes this girl but she kept asking about another guys and asked her what does it mean? Grandmother told him that one sided love is still love but it hurts more but its better to at least have loved.

At the police station, Min-Soo meets with a potential witness who turned out to give her a lot of information than she expected.

Meanwhile, Director Yoon is meets up with Dr.Young-Ji at a bar and told her that Dr.Choi shouldn’t have been hired back because now Dong-Joo knows the truth. Then he poured out his pent up emotions to his “friend” ( if you only know director how traitorous this woman is:c) He told her how much he regretted that they and the he should have begged Dong-Joo for forgiveness. He felt like a coward because he had a chance to admit his mistake and yet he chose to run away. She consoled him telling him that it was for his child’s benefit and told him not to admit it now because he need to protect Soo-Wan from the truth.

Later that night, at his house, the director persuades Soo-Wan to leave with Dong-Joo to the US, he told her that he’ll follow them soon once he settles the hospital, this convinces Soo-Wan. At his desk, while looking at a picture of his wife, he talks to her picture and told her that he will not have regrets when they leave.

At the firestation, Dong-Joo tells the chief about leaving soon and after their talk Soo-Wan came in and invites him to go somewhere after work.

At the hospital, Min-Soo talks to Detective Woo-Chul that the witness she talked to had came forward back then and was even given a reward but Detective Woo-Chul was never told that there was a witness, so now they know that someone apprehended the witness to keep Detective Woo-Chul from finding out.

Meanwhile Dr.Young-Ji speaks with evil chief that finally Dong-Joo is leaving as planned and the evil chief assured her that there’s no problem with Min-Soo and Detective Woo-Chul as well.

After their shift, Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan shops for a ring.

Then the next day at the hospital, Ji-Woon talks to Soo-Wan telling her all he wants is for her to be happy but thinks that Dong-Joo may not be the one for her and advices her to think things over. Soo-Wan told him that they are getting married and is leaving for Boston soon and then excused herself to leave.

Meanwhile the Director is having guilty thoughts at his office and left.

Soo-Wan asked to go first from Dong-Joo because she has something important to go to. (She was going to get the rings they saw earlier.)

When Dong-Joo went home he saw the Director waiting for him at his doorsteps. The Director approached him and told him he knows Dong-Joo met with Dr.choi and found out about his wrong doing but Dong-Joo just asked him to leave. Dad gabbed his shoulders and kneeled down, Dong-Joo turned around and asked if he was the one who saved his mother only to take off her oxgen mask and kill her?

Dong-Joo: You never raised me out of love but by guilt. Should I be thankful that you killed my mother out of your desire to give eyesight to your daughter?

Then he asked him to get up and leave. The director admitted that it was all his fault but it wasn’t what Dong-Joo wanted to hear and asked is that why you forbade me not to see Soo-Wan in the first place? Dong-Joo told him that in his life, father no longer exist and that the only person who matters to him is just Soo-Wan, he will take her with him to the US so that she will never find out and left the director crying his guts out.

Then the camera zooms out and we see that Soo-Wan is standing nearby. TSKTSK.


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