Angel Eyes Episode 13 Recap

After our cliffhanger last week, will Dong-Joo confront the director? Thankfully he didnt, and that’s how this episode began, with a cold start, Dong-Joo told the director that he will convince Soo-Wan to go to the US with him. Afterwards, while driving, he kept having thoughts as to how his mother was killed and he kept telling himself not to think about it but to think about Soo-Wan.

Min-Soo gets a call from the hospital and quickly runs there to check up on Detective Woo-Chul, Dr.Kang Ji-Woon assured her that he will take care of him when he left, she muttered to herself, how could someone attempt murder in broad daylight.

Meanwhile, At the other end of the hospital, Dr. Young-Ji calls the evil detective and gets mad at him because she didnt expect him to try to silence detective Woo-Chul in a way that will make him end up in the hospital (really? i dont believe you cold hearted.. oh okay too much emotions here).

Dong-Joo comes home to Soo-Wan and hugs her, Soo-Wan asks if he’s okay now Dong-Joo didnt answer but instead hugs her again and tells her that they should stay together no matter how tough things get. After dinner when Dong-Joo brings Soo-Wan home, he told her if they could get married quicky and go to the US but the conversation turned into argument because Soo-Wan doesnt wnt to leave her father no matter how much Dong-Joo convinced her.

At the hospital, Ji-Woon kept having flashbacks to the conversation he heard and decided to asks Dr.Choi about it but of course Dr.Choi didn’t admit to anything. Dr.choi reported this to Dr. Young-Ji and assured her that he didn tell Ji-Woon anything about the truth.

Soo-Wan meets up with Min-Soo and they talked, Soo-Wan told Min-Soo that she and Dong-Joo had an disagreement, so Min-Soo brought up that Dong-Joo might be like that because they have been re-investigating the hit and run accident of his mom. Soo-Wan had no idea about it so Min-Soo advised her not to waste time arguing :)

Hye-Joo goes to the mountain to do some trekking when she spots a flower and fell reaching it, our dispatch team to the rescue :) Teddy and Woon-Chan tends to her injuries and as Teddy and the other paramedic was about to carry her, he realize he cant support her weight again hehe so Woon-Chan ends up running down the mountain with Hye-Joo on his back. But they suddenly stopped because she got scared of the speed they were going so Woon-Chan presented her the flower that she was reaching for (the flower reminded her of her mother that’s why she wanted it:p)

On the other side of the town, there’s a car crash and an ambulance carrying a live heart is one of them, so our dispatch team: Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo, brings the organ to the hospital. The parents of the child who was receiving the organ thanx them for coming just in time and thus saving their daughter. On their wayback to the firestation, Soo-Wan wonders about the person who donated her corneas to her, she tells Dong-Joo how thankful she is and will be living her life well for both of them to make the donor proud.

Looks like Ji-Woon is botherd by what he heard and further investigates on his own but end up with nothing. He talks to his mom, who asks him what he is doing and told him to just let Soo-Wan and her family go, it dawned on him that his mother must know the director’s secret and the look in her eyes confirms it.

Min-Soo is talking with detective Woo-Chul, who just woke up, he tells her to continue the investigation because they must have been closer to the truth that’s why this happened. We see Min-Soo goes to the junkyard and tries to find the car herself.

Ji-Woon is seating at his desk having a flashback of the talks he had with his mother, she admitted about knowing the wrongdoings of the director and the “evil destiny” of Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan.

Still bothered, Ji-Woon meets with Dong-Joo and told him that he knows about the truth, and told him:

Ji-Woon: How can you love her? How can you say that nothing will change?
Dong-Joo: She will never know. I wont tell her for the rest of our lives.
Ji-Woon: Even if you could. Do you think you are okay with it? All you have to do is disappear, that will protect Soo-Wan from finding out the truth. I can protect her.
Dong-Joo: I CAN protect her. I will.

then Dong-Joo walks away.

Soo-Wan and Hyejoo is at a cafe talking and Hye joo asks if they are okay because oppa seems a little down, Soo-Wan said they had a little argument. Then Hyejoo opened up and told her that she and Dong-Joo never keeps secrets from on another and she is worried that it might be big and asks Soo-Wan to hold on and take care of her brother.

The next day, Dong-Joo receives a text from Soo-Wan telling him that she is outside his apartment, so he goes out and Surprise! Soowan is kidnapping him so they drove to somewhere. The had a little chat while walking to the house they are going and when they arrived there, Soo-Wan asks him to read her a book. Dong-Joo reads:

Dong-Joo: I’m sorry, There was a mountain at the end of the road. There was a road at the end of the mountain. At the end of the road…there was a mountain. At the end of the mountain..was you. I buried my head between your knees…and cried. I’m sorry.I’m sorry. For loving you. I’m sorry.

Soo-Wan: Cry baby.
Dong-Joo:You asked me to read you such a sad poem.

And then they kissed and kissed and then fade to black :p

Morning came and Soo-Wan found herself alone in bed, she finds Dong-Joo in the kitchen happily cooking, so she hugs him. They joked about Soo-Wan snoring loudly while they sleep and Dong-Joo tells her that his polo shirt looks good on her and that she should wash it well because it’s his favorite shirt :p

OH This two. making me swoon :p

Back to Ji-Woon who is having flashbacks while at the art gallery, his mom’s greets him, they talked outside. Ji-Woon asks if Dr.Choi can be trusted because he doesnt want Soo-Wan finding out about what happened and that he will protect her as long as he can even if she can never be his because he doesn’t want her to be miserable.

Aww.. a martyr or .. not?

Anyway back to our happy couple, Soo-Wan goes home and a smiling Dong-Joo tells her that he will see her tomorrow. Yey :) a frowning Ji-Woon witnesses this.

Our dispatch team, Teddy and Soo-Wan, is sent to a mission where a grandma collapsed, so they treat her to an ice cream because it turned out she had low blood sugar. hehe :)

Dong-Joo visits detective Woo-Chul in the hospital and asks him to stop investigating before anyone gets hurt again but Min-Soo and the detective said they they are getting closer to the truth but Dong-Joo is not convinced and thanks them for their effort but not to investigate anymore and quickly leaves. But minsso and the detective decides to still continue.

Min-Soo brings the evidence box to Soo-Wan and they both agreed that they must find the culprit who caused this. Soo-Wan brings the box inside the station and opens it and finds some papers. UH-OH. (Stop browsing Soo-Wan! before its too late!=s)

Meanwhile, Dong-Joo talks to the director about convincing Soo-Wan to go with him to US because she doesnt want to leave her father behind, the director is suspicious and asked if there’s another reason but Dong-Joo just stood up and told him stop drinking because he cant care for him anymore. Back the firestation, Dong-Joo finds the box that Soo-Wan left, as he was browsing, he calls Soo-Wan but she didnt answer.

Soo-Wan is at her house with the papers that say junghwa is an organ donor.

and that’s they ended Episode 13 of Angel Eyes T_T

KISS Galore for Angel Eyes :) Ku Hye-Sun and Lee Sang-Yoon have such chemistry :P i mean just the way that they looked into each others eyes is so intense :P


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