Angel Eyes Episode 12 Recap

I had a difficult time writing this episode because there was a lot of meaty stuff happened. Yes there was some cute moments and we get the BIG REVEAL.. well not actually big its more on the BIG MISLEADING REVEAL actually. My heart felt very happy during the first part of the episode but then after that evil Dr.. oh okay im not going to spoil you :P well let’s just say, im getting TOO carried away haha.

Angel Eyes Ep12 Recap

We got a playback of that lovely proposal :) Afterwards, Dong-Joo brings Soo-Wan home and hugs her tightly before letting her go inside.

The next day, the team is sent for a dispatch. Soo-Wan calls Dong-Joo for help because she was panicking but Dong-Joo was able to calm her down and they were able to save the girl.

Back at the station Soo-Wan hugs Dong-Joo thankful that he was there when she needs him. They were about to kiss when they hear some people approaching. They giggle at each other.. hehe :p

Teddy receives a text from Ellie asking to meet up. Ellie is asking if Jin-Moo and his father already made up but they still haven’t, so ellie plans to take care of it.

At the police station, Min-Soo got transferred to the traffic department. She argued with the evil chief about the sudden move but the evil chief didn’t budge.

The whole firestation department is having dinner together. Im not sure why but it did give us some cute bonding moments (like 5 mins) of this team :)

Meanwhile, Evil police chief is having dinner with Woo-Chul, telling him that theres a good opening at a place he knows and that he should take up the position so he could earn some money. (But we all know that this is a plot to lure him away from the case tsktsk).

As our lovely couple arrives home, a waiting Dr.Jin-Sang was about to approach Dong-Joo when he sees Soo-Wan is with him and decided not to talk to him yet.

Going inside the house holding hands, Dong-Joo says that they never hold hands at work and decided that they should tell the team about them.

The next day, there’s a surprise visit at the fire station because Jin-Moo’s class is there(care of Teddy and Elli’s planning). They demonstrated rescues to the kids and afterwards took a picture together :) because of this, Jin-Moo and his dad finally talked to each other :) aww.. all is forgiven with a simple field trip :)

Afterwards our two lovebirds are talking at their favorite spot and Dong-Joo said that the first time he saw Jin-Moo with soo wan he thought she was her son and his heart stopped a bit. And they cutely promised to each other to be good parents when they have kids <3

Meanwhile, a touched Woon-Chan treats ellie and teddy to a dinner out with Jin-Moo but ellie ends up drank ranting about how she hates it when her father was on dispatch because she couldnt spend time with him, this made Woon-Chan sad, realizing that his son must be feeling the same thing. Later on, teddy was carrying ellie on his back but she’s too heavy for him so Woon-Chan ended up carrying her. hehe.

While waiting for Soo-Wan to go out of the fire station, Dong-Joo gets a call from Dr.Jin-Sang about meeting up, so he sent a message to Soo-Wan that he needs to go first and proceeded in meeting up with Dr.Jin-Sang.

At the cafe, Dr.Jin-Sang broke to him the news about how it was the director who caused his mother to die and gave some papers as a proof. Grief-stricken and confused, Dong-Joo wanders around and when he finally went home he reads the medical papers given to him.

The next day he decided to investigate and talked to the other Dr. present during his mother’s operation to ask some question.

Meanwhile at the fire station while having fun with the dispatch team, his absence was noticed by Soo-Wan and wonders why he didn’t contact her yet. After her shift, she still haven’t heard anything from Dong-Joo. On her way home, she sees Dong-Joo standing outside her house and begins to smile, but when she talked with Dong-Joo she noticed he’s a bit distracted.

At the hospital, Dr.Jin-Sang assures Dr. Young-Ji that he already told Dong-Joo about the Director.

The next day, Dong-Joo met up with Dr.Jin-Sang again to ask more questions, who continually manipulates him that the director is really and evil person, He took another day off to mull over the events of what really might have happend to his mother. Soo-Wan wonders why he was not at work again.

While walking at the park Hye Joo saw Jin-Moo, who suddenly asks about his mother so she consoles him as he cries because he misses his mother so much.

At the memorial park, while crying, Dong-Joo unloads his emotions to Jung Hwa. A worried Soo-Wan is absent-minded at the hospital that Dr.Ji Woon noticed it and approached her. He told her that they should not be awkward or avoid each other and that to try to be comfortable as much as they can.

After her shift, Soo Wan heads to the memorial park as well visit and ‘talk’ with Jung Hwa when she sees a zombified Dong-Joo walking towards her. He suddenly collapsed. At his house a worried Soowan and Hye-Joo takes care of him. Dong-Joo, who was sleepng suddenly haves a nightmare and Soo-Wan wakes him up and he hugs her.

The next morning, when Dong Joo woke up, while looking for something, he found that his recorder his back and listened to Soo Wan’s voice.

Soowan: Dong Joo. Park Dong Joo. Today is the day you came back. Not as Dylan but the day Park Dong Joo returned to Yoon Soo Wan. While you were away, I… felt as though I was playing an endless game of hide and seek. I was hiding alone in the dark but I felt as if no one was looking for me. Finally it ended. Park Dong Joo. Thank you for being a seeker again. Thank you for finding me again. Thank you for getting me out. Thank you, Park Dong Joo.


Finally, we get to see Min-Soo as a traffic enforcer uniform :P unfortunately she doesnt look very happy about this especially since Woo-Chul stopped by and teased her, he commented about the peculiar timing of her transfer and said that he’ll take care of the case from here. Someone secretly take a picture of this.

At the scrapped cars shop, Woo-Chul is tossed out and said not to come back but our persistent retired detective still snooped at the back of the shop where our mystery guy with a metal pole suddenly strikes Woo-Chul in the head. OH NO! :(

A determined Dong Joo goes to the hospital to settle his emotions with the evil conniving Dr, he was seen by Ji Woon as he entered the hospital. Dong Joo talks with evil incarnate, i mean with Dr.Jin-Sang, and told him he doesnt care anymore and even got into a little scuffle. As he was going out, we see that this was heard by Dr.Ji Woon.

Then the cliffhanger ending: Dong Joo goes to Dr.Jae-Beom’s office and said “There is something I want to ask” and it ended there!

The almost kiss part:


One Week.. 7 days.. we have to wait for this without leaving us with any preview? What kind of sorcery is this?


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