Angel Eyes Episode 11 Recap

We get a playback of Dong-Joo breaking the good news to Soo-Wan and the HUG:)

Anyway, at the house of the Park siblings, they prepare a cake and both Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan blows the candle, Hye-Joo wonders why they celebrating. Dong-Joo explain that they receive the directors permission :) but Hye-Joo teases and tells Soo-Wan to get rid of him while she still can or until her brother proposes to her with a ring and Dong-Joo answers back that proposals are not that important and hye joo cant believe it and starts a food fight with the cake and calls him stupid and runs away. Soo-Wan plays along and says she really likes this cake :)

The retired detective Woo-Chul is at the house of Dr.Oh Young-Ji asking about the car, but she didnt talk to him that much and tells him that she is leaving.

At the police station, Min-Soo calls a friend for help on the evidence through forensic science.

At the Se Young Fire Station they receive a distress call sending our team to their first dispatch where a man has collapsed due to cardiac arrest. They were able to save him and they brought him to the hospital.

Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan had a little chitchat with our trio and as they were leaving they saw Ji-Woon who just walk past them.

Outside the hospital, Dr.Choi Jin-Sang calls to Soo-Wan, and ask how her eyes is and introduces himself to Dong-Joo.

When he returned to his office, Dr.Choi Jin-Sang, looks at the paperwork of Dong-Joo’s mom and has a flashback. We see that the condition that Dr.Oh Young-Ji wants, is that he will reveal the secret when she gives him the go signal. (AH that’s why he asked to be introduced to Dong-Joo tsktsk :c)

Meanwhile, at the station, Dong-Joo also has a flashback, he remembers Dr.Oh Young-Ji and seems a little disturbed by this. While having coffee with Soo-Wan he asked about him and Soo-Wan says that Dr.Oh Young-Ji used to work under his dad and asked why? Dong-Joo said he looks familiar. Soo-Wan told him that her father wants to see for dinner.

At the hospital, Ji-Woon made a mistake when prescribing a medicine but nurse Yoon-Jung sees this and tells the two Doctors. Dr.Oh Young-Ji overhears this and after a few minutes gets a call from the evil police chief asking to meet up.

“Leave” that was the first word that the Director Yoon Jae-Beom tells Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo, but it turns out for the better, its because he doesn’t want to see Dong-Joos’ talent go to waste. But Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan argued that they couldn’t just leave their father alone :) outside the house Soo-Wan and doogjoo talks that they never thought dad would think about that, but Dong-Joo is happy as long as he is with family :)

Inside Dr.Oh Young-Ji’s car, she meets with evil police chief, he told her that their problem could get bigger if a re-investigation is submitted by the family. Dr.Oh Young-Ji says this cannot happen and asks him to make sure that Kim Woo-Chul and Min-Soo will give up on the case, but wonders about Dong-Joo, she said that she will handle it.

Dong-Joo is headed to the hospital to attend a training:) we see that Ji-Woon is also there (he doesnt look happy about this i guess hehe).

Meanwhile, Director Yoon Jae-Beom is chatting with Dr.Oh Young-Ji, the director starts talking and says that she must be disappointed with Soo-Wan, but Dr.Oh assured him that they dont have to be uncomfortable with each other because of what happened to their children. The director confided to her that he gave Soo-Wan and Dong-Joo his blessing and will be sending him away because he doesnt have the confidence to have them by his side because he’s scared what will happen if ever they find out.

After the training, the director and Dong-Joo talks, with the director trying to convince him to move away, but Dr.evil (i mean Dr.Choi Jin-Sang) sees them and says hello, Dong-Joo says that he remembers Dr.Choi Jin-Sang as the one who cared for his mother and thanks him. Dong-Joo excuses himself to leave leaving the director with dr. evil. When he left, Dr.Choi Jin-Sang menacingly tells the director how can he let Dong-Joo call him dad and smiles demoniacally.

At the Se Young Fire Station, Dong-Joo arrives and talks with Ki Woon-Chan about Hye-Joo’s babysitting Jin-Moo. Teddy butts in and says that ever since ellie came Jin-Moo was always smiling but Ki Woon-Chan cuts in “Jin-Moo or you?” HAHA Teddy continues to compliment ellie <3 and suddenly remembers that Jin-Moo has a big test that ehy must go home immediately and runs away. Ki Woon-Chan apologizes and says he is a little crazy.

At Ki Woon-Chan house, Jin-Moo receives a 0 in spelling but 100 in math. Because he got a highscore, his dad promised him that he will go to Jin-Moo’s class to present :)

Dong-Joo was a little worried because he cant reach Soo-Wan but it turns out she was at his house preparing dinner :) aww, this two, SO CUTE! :P afterwards, Soo-Wan is ready with her letter and ask for a trade :)

Before going to sleep, Dong-Joo reads the letter:

Do you think it’s possible to fall in love with the same person twice? If someone else had done that then I will have probably ridiculed them as being foolish. But that fool was the very Yoon Soo Wan. Shall I tell you a secret? If I were to have a third love, I’d probably act foolish again. Dong Joo, Park Dong Joo. But you’re still going to like stupid Yoon Soo Wan, right?


The next day, at a dispatch, Soo-Wan and teddy attends to a woman whose chest hurt but doesnt want to ride the ambulance so they rode a taxi. The patient commented that she felt from Soo-Wan is being protected by the person who donated her eyes.

At the hospital, Ji-Woon signs the paperwork again, out trio gossip again that the engagment betwwen Soo-Wan and Ji-Woon has already been broken off.

Seating outside, Soo-Wan is reflecting, she tells Dong-Joo that she is thankful to the person who gave her a chance to see again, even if she is quite pathetic, but Dong-Joo assures he that she is repaying back by doing good work :)

Woon-Chan is getting ready for the promise he made jin moo but there was an emergency, so he went home with gifts because he couldn’t keep his promise. But Ellie said that jin moo got ridiculed because he didn’t show up, he didnt even answer his phone or messaged them. Ki Woon-Chan apologized but jin moo wont open the door, Ellie said when adults commit mistake they say “Im sorry” but would that make it all the hurt go away? Ellie cried and enumerated all the broken promises that Ki Woon-Chan made, jin moo kept asking her if she heard his dad promised as ellie walks away she tells him that Jin-Moo waited ’till the bell rang because he believed that his dad will still show up.

Ki Woon-Chan: i saved a lot of people but i couldn’t even save my child’s heart. :(

At Ji-Woon’s house, his mother is scolding him, that she is very disappointed with him and tells him the news that Soo-Wan is getting married to Dylan.

Meanwwhile our retiered detective is with Dong-Joo and Min-Soo discussing about the case and tells Dong-Joo not to expect too much, but he hopes the person gets caught.

The next morning at the Se Young Fire Station, Soo-Wan is wondering where Dong-Joo is and find out he is on a dayoff. She calls him.

Soo-Wan: May I ask what you are doing on this day off?
Dong-Joo: Do I have to tell you what I do on my day off?
Soo-Wan: No, you don’t have to.
Dong-Joo: Well, I don’t really have to tell you, but… I’m telling you because you seem to really want to know. I have a date.
Soo-Wan: I’m not on day off unlike someone to be able to go on a date.
Dong-Joo: Who said I was doing it with you? Oh, the person I’m waiting has arrived. He’s a precious person so I don’t want to keep that person waiting. I will be hanging up now.

OH THIS TWO and their cute conversations <3

Of course, Dong-Joo is really out with dad, bonding and talking (about how the director met his wife:p)

At the police station, Min-Soo receives a call and met with her friend because the results are out. Evil police chief witnesses this and calls Dr.Oh Young-Ji with this news and tells her to act quickly.

As Soo-Wan is leaving the station, Dong-Joo is outside waiting her but Soo-Wan just continues walking they argue a little but Dong-Joo holds her hand and smiles and smiles (oh those dimples are just so CHARMING <3) Dong-Joo surprises her and shows her his car and said that from now on he can pick her up anytime :)

MORE CUTE GIFS of their "argument"


Anyway. Back at the hospital Dr.Oh Young-Ji orders Dr.Choi Jin-Sang to tell Dong-Joo about the secret.

Back to our sweet couple who is headed to the Seyoung Observatory. Dong joo prepared another surprise event where there are candles surrounding the tree. Soo-Wan asks what the gifts are and he tells her that it was the gifts that he bought for her every year on her birthday for the past 12 years. They opened the gifts :)

Afterwards, he leads her to spot where he first saw her and proposes.

Dong-Joo: 12 years ago, some ugly high schooler saw you here. That time, it was just… “It would be nice to have a girlfriend that cute and pretty” that’s what he thought.
And now… that pretty girl… It would be nice if she was someone who protects my home. I think of that. No matter how hard, when I think of coming home to her who is waiting…
I won’t be lonely. It strengthens me. I won’t be able to tell you I will make you happiest in the world. I can’t promise you that I will have an unchangeable heart either.
But… my heart has grew more than it was 12 years ago… I will let it grow as time passes. I will make it stronger. As long as I am alive, You’ll be the most precious person to me, I promise that. I almost gave up every week. If she was alive…Jung Hwa would have wanted to give this to you. Yoon Soo Wan. Will you be Park Dong Joo’s family?

Soo-Wan said yes of course. Who wouldnt?

Soo-Wan: i will be your home, i’ll wait for you everyday.



And that’s a wrap for this heavenly episode 11 of Angel Eyes :)


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