Angel Eyes Episode 10 Recap

Sorry im quite behind the recap life sometimes get in the way of dramas hehehe :) Feeling better now to squeal in delight over my fav angel couple :)

Angel Eyes Ep10 Recap

Were you able to move on from that kiss? Unfortunately, they didn’t replay the kiss for us:(

The story jumps right to the next scene, their cooking session with lotsa cutesy expressions. I hope the GIF’s are enough to describe that scene hehe :)

We move to the sad part where Ji-Woon is drinking his heart out again, joining him is the drinking buddies for all seasons, Min-Soo. He poured out his soul asking how long did Min-Soo know about Park Dong-Joo and Yoon Soo-Wan and why is first love so important? that a love like theirs could be easily throw away?

We go back to our happy couple, where Dong-Joo is washing the dishes while Soo-Wan sneaks into his room to put the recorder back, (maybe she left a message?:P) when she saw the box of mail that was addressed to her but never received. Dong-Joo caught her and tries to take it back saying its unfair and embarrassing. So they decided to do a trade, Soo-Wan gets a bundle of letter when she writes him one :) They also find out that Soo-Wan never received the letter before Dong-Joo left for US 12 years ago and wondered what happened to it.

Meanwhile we see the Chairman, Dr.Oh Young-Ji reviewing the files of Jung-Hwa and Dong-Joo,she had a flashback, where it turns out she was the one who injected that fatal dose that resulted to Jung-Hwa’s heart stopping. OH NO :(

Our happy couple is now walking home(to Soo-Wans house) and says goodnight (cutely, i have to add) to each other, this sweet moment is unfortunately also witnessed by Ji-Woon.

Ji-Woon goes home to find his mother waiting for him. They talked and his mother asked him to end it with Soo-Wan, of course ji woon refused but his mom got angry and as she walks away told him to face the truth and end everything.

The next morning, Chairman Dr.Oh is with Choi Jin-Sang (the one who is blackmailing the director) and offered him his job back again but in return there’s a condition. (We don’t get to hear what the demands are though :c)

At Se Young Fire Station, a smiling Dong-Joo who was browsing the web, saw that the Seyoung Observatory has an event for the meteor shower. Soo-Wan, while doing something inside the ambulance receive a text of invitation from Dong-Joo asking her out :P but her phone rings, Dr.Oh Young-Ji is calling her.

They meet up at a cafe, Dr.Oh Young-Ji ask if Soo-Wans still love Ji-Woon because she is sure her son loves her and will not marry anyone beside her. But Soo-Wan responded that she already told Ji-Woon she cant marry him. Dr.Oh Young-Ji was surprised and asked if there was someone else but Soo-Wan excused herself saying she needs to leave.

As Dr.Oh Young-Ji is leaving the cafe, she receives a call from the evil police chief(because i didnt get his name, for now this is what i call him), who tells her that they have a problem.

Meanwhile, our retired detective Kim Woo-Chul is looking around for the car, asking around, he also secretly watches his wife from a distance. At his house with Min-Soo, they are trying to figure out other possible leads for the case.

At the top of the Seyoung Observatory, Dong-Joo is setting up a tent for their date, Soo-Wan arrives and teases him. As they wait for the meteor shower, Dong-Joo notices that Soo-Wan has a wound in her fingers, so he made her promise two things: that she cant do any dangerous things or get hurt, the second thing is she cant die and must live long. Soo-Wan countered back that he still has to wait and bear with it and how he is kind just like his mother, then they did a pinky swear and even looks up at the stars aka “Jung-Hwa – stars” as their witness <3. Its time for the meteor shower and they kissed and kissed and kissed <3

The next day, Ellie arrives at Woon-Chan’s house. Teddy swoons at her as she introduces herself to Jin Moo. Teddy also tells her to text him and add him in facebook and twitter before leaving HAHAHA :P Teddy and Woon-Chan drives to work with Teddy assuring him that he did the right thing entrusting his son to Ellie :)

At a restaurant, Chairman Dr.Oh, Director Yoon and Ji-Woon is waiting for someone, Soo-Wan arrives and the two men are surprised. After eating Dr.Oh Young-Ji confirms that the wedding is off and officially ends it. Ji-Woon excuses himself to leave and drags Soo-Wan out with him. Dr.Oh Young-Ji and Dr.Yoon Jae-Beom talks about how they are not meant to be inlaws. Meanwhile, Ji-Woon asks Soo-Wan why she didnt tell him that she met up with his mother, Soo-Wan just asks to leave and rides the elevator. Ji-Woon asks his mother how she can do this but his mom told him she is not patient and that it is over and to pull himself together.

Back to Ellie, Teddy and Ki Woon-Chan arrives home and sees the house is a mess with Ellie and Jin Moo playing with water guns. Ellie cutely asks if they are hungry and offers them burnt pizza hehe. Teddy calms Woon-Chan and promises to clean up.

Soo-Wan is thinking at the Seyoung Observatory, when Dong-Joo arrives, she tells him that the engagement with Ji-Woon has officially been broken off and added that she just experienced what a responsibility it is to love and accepts someone’s heart. Dong-Joo consoles her:

Dong-Joo: I know this because ive been there before but no matter how difficult it is, you cant help but to love. To not love at all is a bigger torment than losing a love.

Then they hugged. Awwww.

Meanwhile at his office, Director Yoon is having flashbacks about the love between his daughter and Dong-Joo, he stood up ans as he was walking down the halls of the hospital, he sees Choi Jin-Sang. who is back working at the hospital and gets introduced to him. He goes to Chairman Dr.Oh’s office and asked what happened, she assured him that its all for the better because keeping the source of problem closer is easire to manage and told him to trust her.

At the ER, a forlorn Ji-Woon checks patient with a miserable demeanor, the trio gossips whether he got dumped, as usual, nurse Yoon-Jung summarizes that there are only 2 kind of women who could do that to Ji-Woon, one is she not in her right mind or she is not a girl.

The dispatch team is having a meeting and Dong-Joo messages Soo-Wan to meet him somewhere and when Soo-Wan asks where, we suddenly see them holding hands at the mall walking around :) They buy a tie and a lady bag :) as they walk home, Soo-Wan teases him that Jung-Hwa is the best, Dong-Joo retorted “but it was me who bought you the gift” hehe:P he hands her the gift for dad(the tie they bought).

As Soo-Wan was leaving the gift at his father’s desk she saw the letter that Dong-Joo left(the one that she never receives 12 years ago) his dad walks in on her seeing the card and tries to explain, but Soo-Wan was already hurt and felt deceived. Soo-Wan leaves and reads the letter while on a bus. In the letter, Dong-Joo narrates that his mother died and tells her thay they are leaving because of Hye Joo’s surgery but he gaves her his address and tells her she will write and call her.

Soo-Wan arrives at Dong-Joo’s house crying and hugs him. Dong-Joo consoles her.

Director Yoon Jae-Beom receives a call from Dong-Joo and tells him that Soo-Wan is at his house and tells him not to worry he will let her sleep with Hye Joo. Director Yoon Jae-Beom sees the gift and reads the card with it.

The next morning, we see a dancing Hye Joo and Dong-Joon preparing breakfast, but the egg yolk in Hye Joo’s bread is not whole so Soo-Wan traded hers, but when Dong-Joo sees this he traded his, so he end up with the egg with burst yolk :)

After breakfast at the park Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan is seating at a bench talking about the past and Soo-Wan wonders why do you realize something is precious right after you lose them? Dong-Joo replies back that its because people dont know when they are going to lose something, but his mom probably knows becuase of their dad that’s why they call them her beloved kids. And tells Soo-Wan that to her dad she is also a beloved child and to go home before she regrets anything.

Soo-Wan goes home and cooks, when her father arrived, they had dinner. Afte eating, they talked:

Soo-Wan: After the accident, I once begged you to let me die instead. It was a bad thing to do to you and Mom, but I was being sincere that time. I really wanted to see Mom. Even though I pretended to be strong and that I was okay, but honestly, everyday before I sleep…
I fell asleep while begging that I won’t be able to open my eyes the next morning. But then, i met Dong-Joo and his family and for the first time, I was waiting for tomorrow. I lived and thought “it’s a relief my mom let me live”. You said that I would forget as time passed, right? But did you forget? did you forget about mom? I am really sorry for breaking so many hearts, but Dong-Joo really makes me happy.

As Soo-Wan is pouring out her heart crying she hold his father hand while kneeling Her dad holds her hand back but after a few seconds stands up and left.

The next day, Director Yoon Jae-Beom visits the grave of his wife and “talks” to his wife and tell her that he doesn’t want to be disliked by the children that his heart is really sincere that he loves Dong-Joo as a son and asks what should he do.

The next scene takes us Director Yoon Jae-Beom and Dong-Joo fishing, Dong-Joo started talking about the past and about the directors health. Director Yoon Jae-Beom asks him if he is not mad at him but Dong-Joo assures him that he is not because he will probably do the same if he has a daughter but he cant help but feel a little disappointed. Then the director suddenly tells him to make Soo-Wan happy (discreetly giving them his blessing to date) Dong-Joo smiles and thanks him as the director walks away.

He excitedly calls Soo-Wan and picks her up at the hospital (while walking out of the hospital Dr.Choi Jin-Sang sees them) and hugs her. Dong-Joo breaks her the news that father gave them his blessing :)

This episode has so many hugs scene im Squealing in delight!! <3 i wish its always happy moments but we all know that in dramaland all happy things will soon turn into nightmare =s


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