Angel Eyes Episode 9 Recap

Trying to recap again.. starting at episode 9 of Angel Eyes for now but will still review previous eps if ever 9 and 10 is well received haha :P Hope you like it:) please give me suggestions on what to improve :)

Im actually loving that the story line is a little bit fast when we are just in the middle of the series i hope the ending wont be disappointing because right now im loving this show so much. HOOK, LINE, SINKER :P Lets start recapping aye?:)

As Ji-Woo watched hopelessly across the street he walks down the road of flashbacks. (Flashbacks between Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan stating their first loves.)

We cut to Dong-Joo drying Soo-Wan hair,(im sorry but can you dry my hair too?:p) a conflicted Soo-Wan expresses her sadness on hurting Ji-Woo but at the same time feels guilty because she felt happy when she saw Dong-Joo waiting for her, she admits that she must be “a far worst person than he think she is“. But Dong-Joo conveyed how he could compare himself to Dr. Kang Ji-Woon, when he has nothing great to show her, so he must be worse than her then (is this a game of Who is the Worst person between them?=$) Dong-Joo suggested that they can be sorry to Dr. Kang Ji-Woon, but not to each other. Then he wipes her tears away. Awww….

Meanwhile we get to see a brooding Ji-Woon in his house taking a bath. (Do we really need this scene? Thank you SBS for the continuous fan service in all your series haha).

The next morning, Young-ji drops Director Yoon Jae-Beom at his house and asks him if it was Dong-Joo’s mom who donated Soo-Wan’s eyes, and after he confirmed she asked for her name but decided not to know anymore and then proceeded to assure him that he can depend on her and that as a friend she will listen to his problems.

As he goes inside the house, we see Youn-ji calling someone and asking for a background check for Dong-Joo.

At the Se Young Fire Station, the team is dispatched for a case, while Woon-Chan discussses with the Cheif, how Dong-Joo could be a conman because he is too perfect, HA!:)

On to our first mission , where our favorite dispatcher Teddy is teamed up with Dong-Joo because he is afraid to wake Soo-Wan hehe. Today’s Case is a teen girl who has a dislocated shoulder and also seems to have some kind of convulsions too.

They brought her to the hospital and as Dong-Joo was letting them know of tests they can do, Dr. Kang Ji-Woon interrupted that “Its the ER’s call to decide on that. Dong-Joo apologizes for being carried away and hands out the paperwork to be signed by the residents but Dr. Kang Ji-Woon interjects and signed it himself, he then asked if they can meet for a drink afterwards because “its been a while”.

(5 second man stare down). Dong-Joo agrees and left with Dr. Kang Ji-Woon longingly looking ..(oh okay he didn’t exactly do that but as you can see from the screen grab, i cant help it hehe). Dr. Kang Ji-Woon told the residents to inform him from now on, of all the cases that Dong-Joo will be involved with.

He leaves and our trio gossips about the cold atmosphere between the two and nurse Yoong-Joo summarized that Dr. Kang Ji-Woon must be upset that Dong-Joo left the ER to be a paramedic.

Back at the Se Young Fire Station, our pretty Soo-Wan [Dont you just love the color of her coat?:)] bids Dong-Joo goodbye as she heads home and he told her that he has an appointment with someone.

Cut to our two men drinking it out on a bar where they pour out their hearts to each other. (okay, Ji-Woon talks about how childish puppy love is while Dong-Joo defends it). Ji-Woon said that it was he who was beside Soo-Wan when Dong-Joo disappeared, so he should go back, Dong-Joo said he cant and excused himself to leave

And as he was walking away, Ji-Woon reminds him of what Dong-Joo said before about “Protecting her till the end“. He then punched Dong-Joo in the face and parted with the last words “I definitely will, just watch and see.”

Hmmm.. We find Ji-Woon sitting outside of Soo-Wan’s house. Soo-Wan squats to his level and asked what he is doing but instead of answering he reached out to the whistle necklace, Soo-Wan stood up and Ji-Woon starts talking about how he will steal the first seat then before walking away he told her the he’ll continue waiting.

Meanwhile, Dong-Joo is with Cha Min-Soo, who wonders why a guy from America is also calling her to drink out :P haha. They talk about the situation but Cha Min-Soo made it clear that she isn’t taking any side, and told Dong-Joo that despite of everything Soo-Wan’s heart is with him.

Cut to another pensive Ji-Woon in his bed with flashbacks of what happened earlier then a tear slowly trickles down his eye (yes, just one eye=p) but wait there’s more, we also see a half naked brooding Dong-Joo AFTER taking a bath in front of a mirror hehe.

The next morning, Hye-Joo and Dong-Joo eats breakfast together. Hye-Joo said that she is finding a part time job but our beloved brother advises her to rest more since he is taking care of her aww sibling moment:)

At the fire station, Woon-Chan is looking for a babysitter for his son, Dong-Joo suggested his sister who is looking for a part time job and Teddy jumps to the opportunity and convinces him to hire Hye-Joo. (Seungri’s acting in love is just so cute <3)

Afterwards Dong-Joo was doing paperwork when Soo-Wan calls him and asked about his wound and knocks at the door with the first aid kit. As she was about to put the band aid, he stopped her saying he doesn’t need it because everyone will see that he got hit, and Soo-Wan teases him that he get hits a lot, he agrees and admitted being punched by Min-soo as well and joked that its okay because Soo-Wan’s slap hurts much much more. He told her that he felt quite relieved when Ji-Woon hit him, he almost said thanks. And as Soo-Wan reaches out to comfort him, He said that everything is okay. But our moment is broken when a dispatch is called.

Our next case is the same man who “threatens” to commit suicide, he is much higher now, standing on a ledge. Soo-Wan and Woon-Chan was able to convince him that its quite windy and dangerous, as our guy is about to go down a wind blew, throwing him off balance but Soo-Wan grabs to his legs while Woon-Chan holds unto her tightly. But the weight is too much, so all three of them was thrown off the edge but the inflatable landing pad saves them of course:)

Cut to: Ji-Woon And Dong-Joo running to the ER. Another round of man stares and exchanges of who got there first. (oh stop it, im here you know i can have Dong-Joo and his dimples :P) But thankfully, Soo-Wan ask Dong-Joo to check the patient and talks to Ji-Woon outside and told him that she is planning to tell her father that the wedding is off. But Ji-Woon answered back, what reason will she give his father?

Soo-Wan: that im not good enough for you
Jo woon: I cant agree with that, so its not a reason
Soo-Wan: How about me loving another person?

Ji-Woon excuses himself to go back inside but before that he reminds her to take care of herself.

Meanwhile, Dong-Joo is sitting waiting for Soo-Wan to pass by and when she did, grabs her hand and went to the garden and sits her down and worriedly asked if it hurts anywhere? Awwww. Soo-Wan assured him that she is okay, just a small cut in the forhead. Dong-Joo said he got scared because it reminded him of Jung Hwa’s accident. Soo-Wan apologizes and we get a side hug hehe.

Back again at the fire station, where both Soo-Wan and Woon-Chan gets a lecture from the Chief and Soo-Wan got told to pack her things. WHAT?! Of course our cute Teddy defends our leader Soo-Wan saying how she risked her life to save another person’s life. Turns out the Chief is just giving her a break to rest for a while.

Detective Woo-Chul and Minsoo meets for lunch to discuss how the case is doing, while Minsoo was browsing the case files, she came across a familiar name, who turns out to be Ji-Woons father. AHA. But Det. Woo-Chul said, how can someone like her knows people from those kind of household. Minsoo got insulted and was about to retort back when an Ajumma commented that the food is ready and complimented them, how they have such a nice father-daughter relationship. HAHA Both throws down their chopsticks.

Since Soo-Wan is home, she talks to her dad and asked is he remembers Dong-Joo’s mother since she got confined to the hospital, but he cant recall. Soo-Wan said it would have been nice if her father was able to save her. Dad asks why did she brought up Dong-Joo? She answered with a ‘she cant marry Ji-Woon because she loves Dong-Joo’ They end up having an argument and his dad gave the final words that he wont consider them both (Dong-Joo and Soo-Wan) as his children if they continue this.

The next day at the Fire Station, Soo-Wan visit even if she’s on a leave, so Woo-Chul teases her that this place is her friend, hobby and home. and tells her to leave, the other firemen teases him that he just said how quiet the place was because Soo-Wan wasn’t there. hehehe.

Anyway, afterwards, Soo-Wan calls Dong-Joo requesting for ‘medical assistance‘ and enlist all the symptoms of a typical crazy-in-love person (not limited to but includes, fluttering heart, shortness of breath from jumping for joy every now and then, excessive smiling, go on i know you want to add something hehe). Dong-Joo checks her heartbeat and said that it can because she feels angry or in love.

Giggles. Giggles.

Moving on to the serious part. Soo-Wans told him that she broke the news to her dad,on why she wont be able to marry Ji-Woon and that her Dad got angry but on the bright side, He really loves Dong-Joo as a son.

Afterwards. we see Ji-Woon receiving a text from Soo-Wan to meet up. At the dinner date, Soo-Wan apologizes for not remembering the date they had back then (The 2000th day anniversary dinner). But Ji-Woon answered back that he is quite grateful that at least she remembers. Then:

Soo-Wan: and also for not telling you about Park Dong-Joo
Ji-Woon: You didnt tell me because you felt sorry and worried about me right? At least i amount that much to you.
Soo-Wan: Nonetheless, i hurt you

Aww.. :( this part :( so sad

Ji-Woon continued saying that a man usually doesn’t give up until he see the other person and now after finding out he felt hurt and told her that she might only be wanting to relieve those memories again but not really love Dong-Joo and reminded her how she can’t even tell Dylan was Park Dong-Joo. But Soo-Wan understand that he might think that way but she knows what she feels is true because she had to hurt him when Ji-Woon also means a lot to her. Soo-Wan ends the conversation by telling him to just hate her, since he has every right to do that. :(

Morning. Hye Joo calls her unnie Soo-Wan to come over. Cut to the Park sibling home where Hye Joo presents Soo-Wan with a pumpkin cake (or is that a pie?) and told Soo-Wan how pumpkins reminds them of her especially during Halloween.

Here comes the drama part.
Hye Joo: Sorry for not being able to say goodbye. Its all my fault because of my surgery. Dong-Joo took care of me instead of Mom :(

Hye Joo: He came here to find you but he told me he wont.It was weird when he came back to the US but he was so hurti was scared to leave him in that state. Oppa is my mother and father. I wish that you can make him happy. You can promise that right?

Then a hug between our two girls seems to seal the deal :)

Back at the fire station. Teddy is asking Dong-Joo all sort of questions about Hye Joo when Soo-Wan calls him to the grocery store.

They shop and do lots of cutesy stuff :) when they went home Hye Joo left a note to have fun :) Soo-Wan plays a recording of Jung-Hwa’s recipe which caused Dong-Joo to flashback the good ol’ days with mom, crying at the memory. Soo-Wan hugs him then kisses his tears then

his lips! and that’s how they end this episode.

Angel Eyes, what do i do with you? <3 you bring me tooooooo much emotions (happy, sad, joy, depressing, ecstatic) i feel like im riding a roller coaster. Well, I have a confession to make, my sister teased me that the reason i love LOVE this show is because it reminded me of (a little) what happened to me and truthfully though i can relate. I thought that dramas can get too much over the top but i know that there are men who are willing to wait, hoping to try again even if your heart belongs to another person and for that my heart breaks a little for Ji-Woon. A little because i totally love our main leads to much <3 the grocery part and the ending left me swooning and jumping and crazily smiling hehe :p i also love TEDDY can we get more of him? Him pinning over Hye Joo is just too cute:) Well, ill be posting the next episode tomorrow. Hopefully you liked my second try on recapping hehe :) The first one (Miss Korea) got discontinued since koala's playground did such a great job recapping it :)



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