Miss Korea Episode 1 Recap

Trying out my writing skills. Please be kind on my first try :)


He story opens in a factory where a group of thugs who are looking for President Kim to pay up his debt, is trashing up the place causing commotion among the workers. A man(who i assume is the president Kim Hyung-Joon, portrayed by Lee Sun-Kyun) is hiding behind boxes.


The head of the gang, Teacher Jung(portrayed by Lee Sung-Min)goes into a room where cosmetic scientists work and disrupts them to ask where the president is. Ko Hwa-Jung (Song Seon-Mi) declared that she is the president. President Kim witnessed this and continued hiding in an another office where a phone is ringing.


And here we meet a girl, Oh Ji-Young (Lee Yeon-Hee) who wakes up to discover that her makeup is still in her face. She calls the cosmetic company to complain which was answered by President Kim. Turns out she used the wrong one! HAHA she got scolded to cutback on drinking and smoking. As he hangs up the phone, he was surprised to find the gangster was already behind him. Meanwhile, Oh Ji-Young wonders if Kim Hyung-Joon is a guy he knows.


the story cuts to Kim Hyung-Joon and his cosmetic scientist sidekicks biking their way out to freedom with the thugs trying to catch up. We then see the thugs getting kicked by President Hwang for not being able to get the money.

Kim Hyung-Joon and the sidekick assistants are in a train on their way to somewhere to present their latest line of cosmetics when they saw the salon owner Ma Ae-Ri Park (Lee Mi-Sook).

Turns out she’s training the girl beside her for ms.korea by making her strut in the train in her swimsuit to practice her confidence. But the girl got squished between two groups of people who are campaigning for their political candidate bets. Kim Hyung-Joon steps in to try to save the day but to no avail resulting to the girl crying and running away.

We see Oh Ji-Young in the locker area where all the girls are asking for her approval when the department head(Jang Won-Yeong) comes in. All the girls bowed down and he started slapping some of the girls butt, this irritated Ji-Young so she spoke up asking why does she ride the elevator all day long without a lunch break. This results to an argument with the head walking out and the girls sighing.

Hyung-Joon and the sidekick assistants are presenting their product (BB Cream! haha) to Lee Yoon(Lee Ki-Woo) but he declines in the end. Hyung-Joon tries to save face by cornering Lee Yoon in the bathroom, turns out they are friends from the past, he even tried to pay him to invest in his cosmetics but to no avail.

One of the assistants, Kim Heung-Sam (Oh Jung-Se), suggests that they make someone into a Ms. Korea to make money. They scour the nearby mall to find a potential candidate.

We see a trail of people going up and down the elevator with Ji-Young assisting and greeting them. We see her hiding from the cctv and eating an egg. The department head came riding the elevator and starts shouting and arguing with her until he went down to his floor (Why do i get the feeling that there’s underlying tone as to why he ‘hates’ her.). At the end of the shift, the girls are in the locker room when the department head came in and announced they need to reduce employees and asks them to volunteer to resign.

Ji-Young vents out her frustration by dancing the night away at a local bar. Ma Ae-Ri was also inside the bar looking for her ‘Ms. Korea’. Ji-Young walks out and she saw the department head inside one of the private ktv rooms being sleazy. She walks back with a mannequin in hand and gave him a piece of her mind and walks out with the girls. Ma Ae-Ri saw her walking out and was amazed by her perfect figure and follows her out but got bumped by Teacher Jung who was looking for President Hwang.

Ji-Young treats the girls she rescued and gave them some advices. Ma Ae-Ri is on her way home to select from a group of girls they are interviewed one by one.

Hyung-Joon was walking home but got into a brawl with Teacher Jung. They end up talking about what happened to them.They parted ways after reflecting on the past.

The next day while Ji-Young was working at the elevator Hyung-Joon surprised her, we see a long flashback where Ji-Young was buying from him, she flirts with him since he was a senior at his school.


Turns out she is dubbed by the students at school as the ‘cigarette store girl’ and everybody fancies her. Every guy at the class makes paper airplanes but it was Hyung-Joon’s that landed on her shoulder. our leading man was swooning of course HEHEHE. At night we see the guys are all lining up to buy cigarettes just to see her. We see Lee Yoon trying to get a date from her but she declines. She recognizes him as the ‘bathouse oppa’. SHe knows he didnt smoke so why is he buying from her? she said will teach him how to. They went to a park and teached him by using a (not sure if it was a sausage or cheese). we learn that she actually doesn’t know but sees it so much from her family.

Back to present day in the elevator, Hyung-Joon tells her that he will make her into the next Ms. Korea. Quick flash where Ma Ae-Ri was also offering her the same thing.


One thought on “Miss Korea Episode 1 Recap

  1. Not bad at all for your first attempt. Keep up the good work. Maybe include a bit of your thoughts along with the narrative. That will make this recap truly yours. I will definitely come back for more.

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