i wouldn’t have been a strong person had it not been for the love of my grandfather who i fondly called “Daddy”. Growing up my biological father had never had any time for us nor have showered us anything that is close to affection. Daddy did. He was one of those happy people who is easy to love.

My favorite memory of him was our afternoon habit seating in the rocking chair in their front lawn (my grandparents live in front of our house) , eating warm pándesal(bread roll), making up stories to make us laugh, farting like crazy, giggling at his wild antics, playing and running around.His favorite antic was singing and some made up dance moves that will shame Michael Jackson :P

There’s one afternoon that stuck with me, he was already in his early 80’s then, i was about to start my first work to help support my family, he was a little quiet lately, he looked at me and told me some stuff like: to always take care of my family (i was the breadwinner) be patient, and always have faith, he then lent me some money for my transportation and food, i actually said no because it was for his meds and i was going to borrow from a friend but he said that i should take it, which i did. Several months later, he passed away.

It broke my heart:( so many things remind me of him, i didnt realize i also remind my mom of him, i was told i got his cheekiness, charm and creativity. i miss him, its been 8 years and yet i can still hear his laugh, see the twinkle in his eye when he is about to fart and blame it on the dog :P and ill miss most of all is the comfort of his hugs.

This is i hope is within the challenge of the Daily Post. Because there is no other character (well beside my mom) who have such a strong influence on me :) i love you daddy:) ill always be your little girl :)


5 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. beautiful post, thank you for sharing your intimate thoughts. i could feel the love and compassion from the way you described your “daddy”.

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