i dont know why they call it heartbroken when i feel as the whole of me is also broken :(

My beloved hamster of a year and few months had passed away yesterday, he was very much loved. When my sister broke the news to me my sister i told her no it was impossible, i kissed him goodbye before i went to work. But it was inevitable, since hamsters has 2-3 years life span. i always get scared when they pass that one year mark. i can notice they get tired easily, their furs getting longer. but despite it all i still love them. All pet owners surely will agree on me on this but when you lose a pet it feels as though a part of you get broken as well.

I cant help but admit there are time as a pet owner, i do have my closest-pet, that bond that you cannot describe with your pet. I had that bond again with Ishin ( my recently deceased hamster). I had a major operation last March and Ishin, all though small, helped eased my pain.

I know he is now in hamster heaven. He will be missed.


4 thoughts on “heartbroken

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear that. Hamsters dont get the pet-credit they deserve! They really are such friendly and playful creatures that when you lose them it really is devastating! Especially when Ishin helped you through a tough time. I too recently lost an entire litter of hamster pups, due to birth defects. 13 babies over the space of 2 weeks died and it was the most depressing thing EVER. I felt helpless, but they too are now all with Ishin in hammy-heaven. My thoughts are with you, xx

      • Yeah it was a really tough time, It ended up with me having to separate the last three babies from mum (which was heartbreaking enough) and hand-rear them to give them a better chance but birth defects cant be solved unfortunately. Its natures way I suppose. Yeah i looooove them, you’ll like my blog – lots of hammy chatter and cute photos :D you are welcome to email me a photograph of your ham and I can do a remembrance post for you ?? :) xx

  2. Was this a teddybear hamster? We had one named Peaches. Although I at first thought of it as a rat and another thing to tend – was quite surprised how sweet it was and such a personality. And it did hold the most interesting conversations. Glad one cheered and shared your life

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