If you know what that word means, you must have recently watched or re-watched Love Happens :) After watching the movies i got into thinking who uses words that are rarely used? What if instead of saying the most commonly phrase “I love you” there’s a pleonastic expression that can replace it? hmmm.. ( by the way, pleonastic means wordy in short:p just wanna impress you or not.. hahaha )

So i randomly searched the dictionary and here are some words that im going to try to use for the rest of the week:p

Pecuniary – Of or relating to money
Plenipotentiary – Invested with or conferring full powers
Fugacious – Passing away quickly
Prodigality – Extravagant wastefulness.
Inimical – Unfriendly; hostile:

Got their definition from :)

Still trying to find a deeper and extravagant way to say i love you :)

Do share me how you used words that are rarely used :) and if you come up with ideas how to say ‘i love you’ uniquely :)





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