Stop! you’re chasing the wrong car.

This is going to be embarrassing but it had to be said, so that others may not suffer the same fate as i did. Seriously though this is my sisters favorite embarrassing story to tell and its not even theirs T_T

So lets me start with the story:
One morning in a kingdom far far away..ahem in my humble abode, i was in a hurry as my father who decided to be a parent, actually stopped by this early morning to bring us to our school ( my parents are separated and my dad stops by every now and then when he feels like it). My two sisters were already finished and went to wait inside the car while i scramble around the house looking for my school ID.
Then suddenly i heard a car engine rumbling and a car backing up then my mother shouted: ” Hurry up J your dad is about to leave!” so i hurriedly run out my house and saw my dad’s car zooming past our street, i began to yell, ran and wave my hands at the same time. i felt like i was at the olympics because i was really running fast but of course a car is faster than me, so i stopped, out of breathe, when i noticed a car waiting idly at the side a window was rolled down and my sister were laughing madly.

So what happened? i chased the. wrong. elfin’. car!

Here’s a more detailed part so that you’d get the picture of how i chased the wrong car:

Here’s a diagram(sorry for my ugly painting of a map) of my humiliating experience, that’s me, the star, going out of my house, that’s my neighbor’s car zooming past our street which i thought was my dad’s car (they have the same color and it was a van type of car). My dad decided to wait near our village’s main gate because it turned out, he can’t park in front of our house because our neighbor next door had to go out too (tiny street i live in mind you). So imagine yourself, waving madly at this car yelling and running like there’s no tomorrow, wouldn’t that be quite humiliating?!

Humiliation Count:
The other people (who happens to be my neighbors) taking their morning walk. What was their reaction when they saw me running? and yes i saw them looking at me, i felt their stares while i was running madly!

The people inside the other car.  Seriously i can’t help but wonder what was the driver thinking when he saw me (at his rearview mirror i suspect) chasing his car. He must be thinking, somewhere along the lines: “Who is this mad woman waving and running after me?!”. I think he saw me cause he drove faster :-p

The guard. The guy who protects our village, who i smile and greet every morning. T_T

Anyway, when i went inside my dad’s car, my two very nice sisters were laughing their a$$ off. They said my dad actually saw me turning the corner from our house running after our neighbors car, ( why he didn’t yell and stop me i would never know T_T).

So that’s it. That’s just one of the many embarrassing stories i have in store for you. yes one because i happen to be the princess of humiliation T_T. If you can please share any embarrassing story that would comfort me for the remainder of my life, please do tell me and share your story. I’d love to hear from you :)


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