just a litter problem..

On my way to work earlier, just right across the street, i spied a man drinking hot coffee (i suppose it was since its morning and its on the usual coffee to go cup) after drinking it he threw it on the ground. Yup, threw it on the ground, stomped on it to flatten it and left. i was agitated and dismayed at this action because the thing is, im a little bit of environmentalist.. i have this habit of not throwing things if there’s no trash bin nearby, no matter how little it maybe ( candy wrappers etc..) i usually pocket it or put it inside my bag and throw it properly later.

So i cant help but be sad and wish that i crossed that street and picked up his litter and threw it in a proper place. I wish there could be signs that reminds us of what happens when we dont throw or trash properly just like in school. I guess those blaring signs back then made such an impression on me that i actually picked up that habit. So thank you school for influencing me to be good to earth :-)

i don’t want to sound uptight or righteous but i do wish people will not throw things at the ground.. :)


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