No Junk Food Challenge is Challenging

I’m serious, it really is.. in this GMO ridden world its difficult to find me some righteous food :p

Anyway, my sister saw this 21 days challenge thing in the internet where you don’t eat any junk food for 21 days straight. I even listed it in a post it to remind myself what not to eat.. i even added some more..Image

The rulers are: ( in case you cant read my handwriting )

No Chocolate
no Candy
no Biscuits/Cookies
no Cake, Donuts and Muffin
no Pastries
no White Bread
no Chips
no Fast Food
no Nutella, Peanut Butter Spread  /other naughty spreads
no Ice Cream

I also decided that since i really love cookies as in i eat once everyday ( just one big cookie :p ) i think that maybe homemade cookies will be healthier by lessening the sugar and maybe using oat flour or maybe bake me some carob cupcakes.. ( they say carob is great alternative for chocolate cause there’s no caffeine and less calories and other stuff )

Since i don’t eat red meat anymore, ( 4 months now!) i hope i can do this challenge :)


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